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Question - Baby's head 4/5ths in........

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Ponka · 24/02/2006 15:13

at 34 weeks. How far is that from engaged? Is engaged at 5/5ths or further? I feel like it's low. I've developed a bit of a "duck waddle" over the last few days.

OP posts:
hotmama · 24/02/2006 15:16

4/5 means just in. Hopefully, will move down to 3/5 and 2/5 etc to fully engaged. Mind you my dd1 wnt down to 3/5 and then started to 'move back up - dd2 never got more than 4/5. Think it is normal for there to be backwards movement IYKWIM.

Good luck.

Ponka · 24/02/2006 22:12

Thanks Hotmama. You're from round Notts way, aren't you?

Might get to meet you some day!

OP posts:
spidermama · 24/02/2006 22:14

Worth bearing in mind they don't always engage. Especially second and subsequent babies.

goldstarlover · 24/02/2006 22:16

4/5 is how much the midwife can feel.
so baby's head is only 1/5 engaged

sweetkitty · 24/02/2006 22:18

DD2 never fully engaged was always 4/5's palpable which means 1/5 was in the pelvis. Her head was still high during labour I was 8cms when first examined (probably 30 mins after pains first hit) but because her head was still high and my waters hadn't gone it delayed things, labour was 2 1/2 hours and that was it delayed. MW asked if I wanted waters broken to speed things up I was like "yes please" she broke them and DD2 was born soon after.

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