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Double vision ....

14 replies

Ghosty · 05/12/2003 19:36

Hello all ...
I had a bit of a scare last night and thought I would ask for advice ...
I was driving home yesterday afternoon when I realised that all the road signs and number plates were a bit fuzzy. It got worse as I kept driving ... two green light when there should have been one etc ... so I was a bit freaked when I got home ... I have always had perfect vision ...
I phoned my midwife when I got home and she freaked me out even more when she talked about toxaemia ... she told me to stop whatever I was doing and rest ... so DH came home from work to do DS' dinner etc while I lay on the sofa in a right state.
It got worse as the evening progressed and when the m/w phoned back she decided to come and see me.
Luckily my blood pressure is fine and there was no protein in my wee so she says there is no sign of pre-eclampsia ... phew ...
After she left DH sent me to bed early ... and after a good night the blurred vision is much better ... still a bit fuzzy but better ...
Does anyone have any idea what this could be? Is it pregnancy related or do I need all of a sudden to have specs???
Any advice would be appreciated ... ta!!
PS ... 32 weeks today ...

OP posts:
popsycal · 05/12/2003 19:39

i was going to say blood pressure
other than that - no ideas
keep well

Jimjams · 05/12/2003 19:49

migraine? She tested your urine so no sugar in it I guess.....

SOmetimes I go a bit woozy when really tired- kind of dizzy and feel like I'm going to black out. Are you tired?

CountessDracula · 05/12/2003 19:50

My sight got really bad towards the end of pregnancy, did get periods of blurry vision too. I think it's quite common but you obv did right thing getting checked for pre-eclampsia. I should keep getting check ups to be on the safe side.

fisil · 05/12/2003 20:08

Didn't get blurry vision, but my eyes were affected in that I couldn't wear contacts, so I can believe it!

Good luck.

bobthebaby · 05/12/2003 21:41

Sounds like my migraines. Put your feet up for a few more days!

marsup · 05/12/2003 22:01

I'm at nearly 35 weeks and I've been getting odd moments when I see the print double or blurry while trying to read (something I need to do a lot of for my job). I thought this might be associated with muscles and ligaments getting more relaxed ie optic muscles or whatever they're called. I don't have any prob with blood pressure. I do have glasses for short-sightedness. Could this be a milder version of what Ghosty had?

lisac · 06/12/2003 11:43

I had episodes of blurred vision in both my pregnancies. I went to the opticians last time for an emergency check up and they were very thorough in making sure there was nothing to worry about. I would recommend it if you're still concerned.

twiglett · 06/12/2003 12:01

message withdrawn

marsup · 06/12/2003 18:57

Ugh, scarey story twiglett. Did they have any theories about what caused it and were they pretty sure it wasn't related to pregnancy?

Ghosty · 06/12/2003 19:05

Oooh ... twigglett ... scary scary ... and poor you! Thanks for posting your story ... tbh I did think it might be something like that to begin with.
My blurry vision is almost back to normal now but it right just yet so I will go to the GP in monday morning just in case.
Jimjams ... I do think a lot of it is to do with being tired ... I am knackered ... not helped by DH going out on the piss last night and not coming home till 4am while I lay awake imagining him dead in a ditch ........
Marsup ... glad to see someoned else is having a similar thing ... although obviously sorry that you are worried ... I hadn't thought of the ligament thing ... might be that ... is it just one eye for you or both?

OP posts:
Jimjams · 06/12/2003 22:20

Ghosty- when I get all woozy like that I know its time for a really early night. As soon as the boys are in bed I go to bed - a long nights sleep and the dizziness disappears.

My friend had something similar and had to go to the eye hospital to get it checked out- all was fine and she was told it was a migraine. She didn't usually get migraines so hadn't recognised it at all.

Jimjams · 06/12/2003 22:20

hope it's back to normal soon- and hope your dh is apologetic!

twiglett · 07/12/2003 22:31

message withdrawn

twiglett · 07/12/2003 22:32

message withdrawn

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