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Tips on trying to make a breech baby turn??

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Mum2OneAndOneMore · 20/02/2006 14:24

Hi does anyone know any good things to try to try & make a breech baby turn, my friend has been told her baby is breech & really wants to try & make it turn before delivery to avoid Cs

OP posts:
hunkermunker · 20/02/2006 14:25

How many weeks is she?

Mum2OneAndOneMore · 20/02/2006 14:32

she is 38+ weeks

OP posts:
Mum2OneAndOneMore · 20/02/2006 14:32

2nd baby

OP posts:
hunkermunker · 20/02/2006 14:33

Have they offered her an ECV ot turn the baby?

She can try moxibustion - an acupuncturist should be able to do this for her.

Mum2OneAndOneMore · 20/02/2006 14:35

Not sure Hunker, sorry i am being so vague it's not someone i know it's actually Dp's mate at work his wofe has phoned him & told him this, so they phoned to ask me if i know any ways to help turn the baby.

OP posts:
Mum2OneAndOneMore · 20/02/2006 14:36

I know she has to go & have a presentation scan to make totally sure but they are pretty certain its breech as she has been having very bad pains in her back

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Nbg · 20/02/2006 14:37

I was told that putting a bag of frozen peas on your bump can work. The baby moves to get away from the cold sensation.

hunkermunker · 20/02/2006 14:38

Moxibustion is meant to be really good. It's what I'd have tried if DS2 had stayed breech. 38 weeks is late to turn, but still possible.

Mum2OneAndOneMore · 20/02/2006 14:39

Thanks NBG i will be phoning dp with all the suggestions to pass on

OP posts:
Mum2OneAndOneMore · 20/02/2006 14:54

bump for more ideas.

OP posts:
emmawill · 20/02/2006 15:13

MY 1st went breech at 37 weeks I went swimming, well more like floating as I could excatley swim at that stage, but she turned back and I had a natural birth.

Good luck to your friend.

BettySpaghetti · 20/02/2006 15:18

I've heard about being on your hands and knees (or kneeling over a beanbag or something) encouraging a baby to turn but not sure if it would work this late on?

Mazzystar · 20/02/2006 15:24


ds turned at 36+6 (delivered at 38+1 so - er- timely). don't think it was a coincidence that this was the evening after a reflex session.

is lovely and relaxing too.

and anything involving sticking bum in the air is also meant to encourage it

also heard good things about moxibustion
and homeopathy

Pinchypants · 20/02/2006 15:37

My acupuncture doctor told me to come back to see her if my baba is breech because she could almost definitely turn the baby using moxibustion (burning moxa herb). I will def do this if mine ends up being breech. Also heard good things about reflexology.

Pinchy xx

mawbroon · 20/02/2006 16:19

Oh this takes me back to October last year. My DS was breech. I tried all these things but none of them worked. It turned out that I have a heart shaped uterus and that his head was stuck in one of the lobes so there was absolutely nothing that would make him turn. This is most likely not the case with your friend, but she has to be aware that there are some cases where there is nothing that can be done to turn the baby.

My consultant said that it is up to the baby whether it wants to turn or not and that going on all fours, frozen peas, shining a torch etc was a waste of time. Ok, he didn't put it like that, but that was the message!

Just don't say to her "oh there's plenty time yet". I could have happily punched all the well meaning people who kept telling me that.

Snoopy99 · 12/12/2007 13:16

I'm in the same position as you, Mawbroon, what with a bicornuate uterus. The consultant says that actually breech may be the best way for the baby to stay ie it has the most room that way. So I'm a bit wary of trying something like the moxa herb thing as perhaps breech is best. That said, I'm trying all manner of acrobatics to get it to turn of its own accord! And I agree about the 'plenty of time' comments. If you have a smaller than normal uterus then it seems logical to me that you need to get it to turn while there's still room. Am 32 weeks now so we'll see how it ends up. But at the moment it's looking like a caesarian.

spanna07 · 12/12/2007 13:29

I'm the same at 34 + 5. Baby has been breech since 31 weeks so I'm guessing it would have turned when it had more space if it was intending to! This is my second pg and am finding it painful under my ribs on one side (boney baby head) and it absolutely kills me when the baby kicks my bladder. I had an emergency cs with DD1 so am not so bothered about having another- though of course, would rather not now with a 2yr old. Good luck- hope you get it to turn.

lozinkent · 12/12/2007 14:19

Moxibustion is def worth a go. It turned my baby but then she turned back and I had to deliver naturally.

Tangle · 12/12/2007 20:10

Just to say that breech doesn't HAVE to = CS.

DD was born at home this April as a breech baby. Having read around the subject and talked to experienced midwives, we felt that most of the consultants "why you should have a section" arguments were invalid for us in specific (and sometimes in general!). If you don't want a CS it would be worth seeing if you can find a midwife experienced in vaginal breech birth that would be prepared to support you. In the end we went independent to guarantee the skills.

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