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42wks pregnant - am i having a show??? someone help, very worried

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diddle · 19/02/2006 17:11

Ok, this is actually on behalf of an internetless friend of mine. she had a membrane sweep last tuesday and since then has got a little bit of blood loss not constant, but every day since then, around 4 times a day Is this a show or something more sinester. she has called the mdiwife who has said its nothing to worry about, but hasn't explained what it is. She is very scared and worried that the midwife and hospital are being incompetent and just fobbing her off.
Has anyone experienced this?

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helsi · 19/02/2006 17:13

the plug coming away is usually though not always a bit like mucus. Has she got this or is it just blood?

Has she spoken to the delivery suite at all?

Aimsmum · 19/02/2006 17:14

Message withdrawn

diddle · 19/02/2006 17:15

As far as i know it was small amounts of blood, she didn't mention losing anything else. She has spoken to the delivery suite yes and they did say that it was ok, but she is a worrier and wonders if she should have been checked out.
She is going in for induction tomorrow and is dreading something being wrong because of the bleeding, but tits not much blood.

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