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20 weeks

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tweeni · 19/02/2006 00:38

i'm 20 weeks and i constantly feel like my baby is about to fall out - is this normal?

OP posts:
usandbump · 19/02/2006 08:42

Hi Tweeni

I think I know what you mean,the last couple of weeks I could feel that the baby was very low down and it was quite a peculiar feeling, particularly noticeable when going to the toilet
I'm 21 wks tomorrow and the baby is now in a different position and my problem now is that I feel very bloated/full alot of the time, don't know if this is caused by babys position or not. Trying to go with the flow! We can't help but worry though can we? Visit the Due in July thread for more support- everyone there is great

HumphreysCorner · 19/02/2006 14:39

Yep, regularly have this-am 21 + 1 today. Doesn't help that she is laid in a breech position so is pressing down on my nether regions with her feet. Please do come and join our July thread hun.


lilianna · 19/02/2006 14:51

hi cant help this time round, nearly 20weeks and don't feel pg but can remember feeling like this with dd who is now 2yrs.
agree with the others join the july support thread everyone on it is lovely.

kayzed · 19/02/2006 15:04

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

tweeni · 19/02/2006 15:19

wheres this july support thread then?my scan is wed hope baby isn't bein shy again as i want to know what it is!

OP posts:
kayzed · 19/02/2006 17:56

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

jersey · 20/02/2006 10:05

Hi I have this where some days the preasure feeling is like I had late on last time. Thought this was too early for this as I am 18 weeks.

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