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pol25 · 18/02/2006 12:54

I will be nine weeks on Sunday and this is my second preg and totally unlike my first.
I have been spotting on and off for weeks now and been referred to hospital twice for two scan- last on the tenth and everything was ok.
Been ill, since valentines day and beencoughing up phlegm- not nice sorry! and sneezing like mad, also been making my tum hurt and started to bleed again! Not an awful lot and only when I wipe but on and off since valentines day now. Not sure what to do as I don't want to waste anyones time really by unduly worrying but we have wanted this baby for a while now and it's just upsetting me a little. Also been a little constipated and when I poo- yes, gets even better I bleed too. I just wondered if anyone else is like this and are they ok, and is thier baby ok?!

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oops · 18/02/2006 13:00

Message withdrawn

pol25 · 18/02/2006 13:03

Thank you for the reassurance! I just want some advice thats all... Feel in limbo at the mo as feel all pregnant and hormonal as well as ill and bleeding! And with a 17month old!
Thank you!

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oops · 18/02/2006 13:09

Message withdrawn

pol25 · 19/02/2006 10:51

Hey thank you so so so much,
It's so nice to have someone actually understand how I feel. My D is busy keeping my mind off things by being a minx! And have had DP off this week as he's a teacher so alittle more help.
Thank you for being so helpful!
Goodluck with your two little ones!

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mears · 19/02/2006 11:03

pol25 - could it be that bleeding is coming from piles? Make sure you drink plenty, up your fibre intake to prevent you straining. You may also need haemorrhoid cream (anusol) if that is what it is.

Spotting isn't uncommon in pregnancy but it might be that it isn't that at all.

HellKat · 19/02/2006 11:18

This is my 7th pg (4 mc's & 2 ds's). I bled very heavily (with clots & cramps) for the first 7 wks. I was told it would probably end in mc. I've had 3 scans so far (I'm now 10+2) and everything's fine. Turned out to be excess womb lining. My body had decided to "over protect" the babba and the bleed was technically a period (shedding the excess). Since the excess has gone, the bleeding's stopped. If it gets heavy then ring your epu or mw. They'll scan you again if you're worried.
Finger's crossed evrything stays ok for hun. it's so worrying when you bleed.

pol25 · 23/02/2006 15:20

No it's not piles, may be preg but not stupid!!!

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