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how late in preg can you fly?

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aprilgirl · 13/02/2006 12:35

hi wonder if you can help, its my friends wedding in may and i will be 29weeks preg, can i fly it will only be a 40 min flight? or can i not if i dont fly it will take me 6 hours n the car, and im the only driver... what would you do?

OP posts:
nellie245 · 13/02/2006 12:37

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Debbiethemum · 13/02/2006 12:40

I think you need a doctors certificate in order to fly (at least with some airlines). Is the train an option, if you book it early enough it is cheaper.

aprilgirl · 13/02/2006 12:47

train could be an option but its a change over 3 times n think it takes about 4/5 hours correct me if im wrong (will be travelling newcastle to cardiff?) dp thinks the reason you cant fly is due to air pressue in the plane i thought it was incase you go into labour??? any ideas?

OP posts:
oranges · 13/02/2006 12:56

I'm pretty sure you can fly at that stage, as long as its a pressurised plane, which most commercial planes are. the larger the plane, the more likely it is to be pressurised.
The risks are more that you are away from your usual doctor and hospital if something does go wrong. If you are staying in the UK, that shouldn't be a problem.

SoupDragon · 13/02/2006 12:59

BA will fly you up to 36 weeks with a doctors certificate saying you are fit to fly and it is a normal pregnancy.
Easyjet will fly you up to 34 weeks with the same condistions
Monach will fly you up to 32 weeks with the same conditions.

Check the airline's website and it will have the information there.

aprilgirl · 13/02/2006 13:10

easy jet is who it will be with so 34 weeks will be great will check out the website x

OP posts:
SoupDragon · 13/02/2006 13:12

Pretty sure those were the timings. I had to check them out at the tail end of last year as my FIL in Spain was/is very ill.

The websites had all the info though.

eidsvold · 13/02/2006 23:33

We flew from the UK to Amsterdam - roughly a 40 min flight from memory and I was 32/33 weeks pregnant.

Klara · 14/02/2006 10:22

you should have no problems at all. Just don't fly easyjet as they won't take you beyond 26 weeks. Most airlines will take you up to 32 weeks without a Dr certificate and will take you longer with one - especially for a short flight.

I commuted to the UK from HOlland every week until 31 weeks and the previous pregnancy until 33 weeks. No one even asked me how pregnanct i was on either occasion! Wear your coat, do it up and stare at them defiantly - they can't tell like that whether you are pregnant or just been eating too many pies - and believe me they are terrified of asking you when it's due and you say "what baby"?

As some of the others have said - every airlines' web site has their poloicy stated somewhere on it. I'd personally advise against flying with easyJet or Ruinair though.


Adass · 14/02/2006 14:13

Hi I flew back from Australia at 32 weeks - most airlines, like you have been told go to 34 but I couldn't for the life of me find an insurance company who would insure me after 32 weeks - and as I was informed a grumpy airline could charge for emergency landing costs I thought it better to be back in time!!

Insurance didn't cost anymore - we were insured through gold card and I carried a doctors note, which cost £12 to write - just called up and asked for it, didn't have to see anyone, though no one asked to see it.

Have fun at the wedding!!

Albert · 14/02/2006 14:26

I was refused a flight to Brazil whilst 28 weeks pregnant on the grounds that the airline wanted clearannace from my Dr but my Dr wouldn't give it unless the airline were happy to fly me without it (work that one out if you can). It meant I had to cancel my Millenium celebrations on Copacabana beach I was allowed to fly to England though (I was in Denmark at the time) because the plane flies at a lower altitude and therefore the risk is smaller. I doubt that you will have any problems but sort it out now rather than later.

ProfessorGrammaticus · 14/02/2006 15:41

32 weeks i think but best to check before booking

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