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Calling thebecster - re: goats cheese babybel!

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heartinthecountry · 10/02/2006 18:35

Sorry, I know this isn't pregnancy related but thought I might 'find' you here!

You mentioned in a thread about sickness that you carry goats cheese babybels around with you. My dd doesn't have cow dairy and I think she would love these - where do you get them?!


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mummytosteven · 10/02/2006 18:56

I'm not the becster, but thought I would contribue; I found some in London Colney big Sainsbury's (Herts).

serenity · 10/02/2006 19:15

Our sainsbury's has them too.

heartinthecountry · 10/02/2006 19:18

Thanks - I did look in our Sainsburys (pretty big one) and they didn't have them . Will maybe have to make a special trip to a really big one!

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