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twisty · 07/02/2006 15:19

Read something the other day that suggested that you should avoid using anything that contains parfum and that deoderant sprays are not great in pregnancy either. All my friends who have children think this is rubbish. Anyone anything to add?

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kayzed · 07/02/2006 16:06

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

twisty · 07/02/2006 16:36

Thanks for that - have been wearing spray deoderant daily and am now 20 weeks pregnant. Do you think that this will have caused any harm to the baby?

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kayzed · 07/02/2006 16:46

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

worryinone · 25/03/2006 12:44

Are dr hauschka cosmetics safe to use in pregnancy? They contain quite a lot of herbs and stuff including anthyllis something or other and chamomile and also peanut oil in most of them which I thought you had to avoid?

worryinone · 26/03/2006 10:42


Kittypickle · 26/03/2006 11:26

Worryinone, there are lots of other brands on the market which don't use peanut oil. Have a look at:

If you email them they will advise you which contain essentials oils that are to be avoided during pregnancy. Instead of using cream moisturisers have a think about using cold pressed vegetable oils. I know the idea of sticking oil on your face might seem a bit weird but some of them absorb well and do not result in a break out and a little goes a long way.

For hair look at solid shampoo bars (keep an eye on the ingredient list, they differ a lot) and instead of using conditioner use a couple of tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in a litre of warm water as a final rinse. You don't smell like a chip shop once your hair has dried, honestly !

Coolmama · 27/03/2006 09:31

Hi worryinone and twisty - first of all it is good to be conscious of what products etc you are using and switching to a 'less harmful' or organic brand might make you feel better, but you don't have to worry that you have hurt your baby - I asked my dr about a night cream that had Vit A in in and he said that first of all, the quantities used in these creams are very small and absorption will be very slight -they are more concerned about what you eat and drink. The only thing he did caution was permanent hair dyes -
So I switched to a stick deo but carried on with all the same face and body products - including Dr H rose cream. I can also reccomend Liz Earle's products which I used - So take a deep breath and relax - you will both be fine!

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