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Where on the net can i find....

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Marne · 04/02/2006 21:09

Some pictures of pregnancy (what baby looks like in my tummy) to show my 6 year old dsd, trying to explain pregnancy to her and what the baby looks like etc..
Any links please?

OP posts:
Frizbetheexpansionset · 04/02/2006 21:10

don't know if any use, but might?

seb1 · 04/02/2006 21:11


gingernut · 04/02/2006 21:13

or babycentre (do a search for `fetal development').

Marne · 04/02/2006 21:13

Look on bounty already and could'nt find anything, all i can find is 4d scans which are a bit too complicated for her to understand.

OP posts:
SHHHH · 04/02/2006 22:08

try this


hunkermunker · 04/02/2006 22:12

Be careful looking though - make sure it's not a prolife site before you show her. Some are a bit shocking.

SHHHH · 04/02/2006 22:14

without sounding stupid..why's that hm..? just out of curiosity....

hunkermunker · 06/02/2006 14:38

Because some of the anti-abortion stuff can be a bit...OTT, shall we say.

MummyToToby · 14/04/2006 11:56

aren't there pictures in the green pregnancy notes and the NHS book the mw gives you?

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