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can i eat mussels

5 replies

aprilgirl · 02/02/2006 14:32

going out for a meal tonight to a seafood restaurant with work can i eat mussels???? they look lovely xx

OP posts:
LucyJones · 02/02/2006 14:33

I think you're adviced not to eat any shell fish at all due to the risk of contimation. But I guess if they've been cooked in boiling watre it should be okay.

LucyJones · 02/02/2006 14:37

sorry for appalling typos and spelling!!!

suzywong · 02/02/2006 14:39

if they aren't open then don't eat them, that's the golden rule

FirstNikki · 02/02/2006 14:56

hi aprilgirl they say avoid shell fish although I believe you can eat things such as prawns as long as they are thoroughly cooked and hot...tbh to be safe I would avoid them and go for a safe fish like, cod, salmon etc..

pepperrabbit · 02/02/2006 15:38

My midwife said I could eat "posh" prawns. I can only assume she meant M&S not your pint of prawns at the seaside!
Basic rule seemed to be not to eat anything that was a bottom feeder as they could have consumed anything lying on the seabed ...... luvverly

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