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Boring "Is this it question?"

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MrsDoolittle · 01/02/2006 06:48

Ok midwife saw me yesterday for a check, poke and a prod. Last night it seems that I have been awake all night with contractions - is it me or do they seem more painful in the middle of the night? I don't know if they were Braxton Hicks or not but they really did hurt.
They were coming every half hour and woke me up at 3.30am. It seems my tummy has been rigid since then.
This is my second time, you'd think I would have more of an idea.
Anyway, I'm up now and it doesn't seem as bad. I'm supposed to be going to work today (one of two left). Do I go in or not? I have a 40 mile train commute.
Oh and I'm 37+4 today.

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kid · 01/02/2006 06:54

I wouldn't go to work if I were you. Just take a couple of painkillers and note how frequent the contractions are. It could just be braxton hicks and they probably seem worse at night as you are laying there with nothing else to take your mind off them.

Fingers crossed that if you are in labour, its a short labour.

My sister didn't realise she was in labour with her 3rd child, by the time she went to the hospital her baby was born in less than 3 hours.

Good luck

Wallace · 01/02/2006 07:49

I had this for several nights before I went into labour. They were painful and regular and I remember thinking "if I manage to get back to sleep it's not labour!"

MrsDoolittle · 01/02/2006 08:44


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Chloe55 · 01/02/2006 08:52

I am 38+3 today and think I am experiencing similar to you MrsDoolittle. For the past few nights I am often woken with painful abdominal cramps but after a short while they subside and I can get back to sleep - until the next time! I find my BHs are becoming more regular and seem to harden all of my tummy instead of just the top like they used to. I am hoping this means baby is on the way shortly but from hearing other people's experiences it seems that this can continue for weeks . This is my first so I am a total novice with all these weird feelings.

MrsDoolittle · 01/02/2006 19:42

Ahhhh it's been niggle niggle all day and now that horrible discomfort is starting again.
It can't be long now can it?
I had a show this morning?

OP posts:
Wallace · 01/02/2006 19:45

Good luck!

mummygow · 01/02/2006 19:46

oooooohhh I feel all excited for you!!!!!

Miaou · 01/02/2006 19:48

MrsD, ds (my third) was like this. If you were around the last week of July you may well remember!!! I kept having a run of contractions every night for about six days before I finally went into labour proper.

I wouldn't go into work IIWY - even if nothing happens you won't know that until after you get to the end of the day, IYSWIM! It will be too stressful for you.

MrsDoolittle · 01/02/2006 19:48

Well I'm running out of excitement
Really not looking forward to another night of this.

But really it could go on for ages, can't it?

OP posts:
Chloe55 · 02/02/2006 14:22

I'm still having niggly symptons too MrsD - I actually dread going to bed now coz i know how little sleep I will get and am beginning to feel sick regularly now - not sure if that is due to constant tummyache, sleep deprivation or bug. I'm with you every step of the way. Lets hope one of us pops soon to encourage the other to go!

MrsDoolittle · 02/02/2006 15:46

HI Chloe - my last day at work today. I think I'm making everyone nervous being here though. I'm looking forward to being at home, just not being bored waiting.
I can understand the sick feeling, I'm the same. I wonder if it is apprehension?

OP posts:
Chloe55 · 02/02/2006 16:00

Yay! Happy last day - you'll have the next week or so madly nesting now which might take your mind off things a little. I have already cleaned, cleaned and re-cleaned what I can and am just sat about......waiting - which I think is my problem! No new news re the midwife appontment either which has just made me feel even more complacent. It's so silly because I may have another couple of weeks of this so I guess I'd better shut up moaning, stop being so bloody impatient and just wait for him to rear his head when he's ready

As for the sicky feeling being apprehension that could quite possibly be true - at the end of the day what we are about to go through is going to be a massive thing and the not knowing when/where/how is just adding to the anxiety.

Wallace · 02/02/2006 18:20

How exciting! GOod luck you two

MrsDoolittle · 02/02/2006 20:04

Oh my, I wonder of something is happening? I am getting very deep pains.

OP posts:
LucyJones · 02/02/2006 20:06

ooh, good luck MrsD

MrsDoolittle · 02/02/2006 20:08

It's so wierd. And a little frightening
Just been showing dh the map for the way to the hospital, he's never been before!!

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