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Asprin - anyone else been prescribed it as a

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daisybob1 · 21/11/2003 18:06

hello - i have been prescribed asprin by the hospital as a "just in case" given that i've had two miscarriages. However, the miscarriage consultant says not to take it because i don't need it - what should i do? - by the way i'm 6 and a half weeks pregnant.

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mears · 21/11/2003 18:11

Aspirin has not been shown to be effective in recurrent misscarriage. However, it does no harm so if you want to try it, I would.

JJ · 21/11/2003 20:00

There is something called Hughes Syndrome (link to some info ), "sticky blood", that causes miscarriages. One of the accepted treatments is low dose aspirin.

There's a thread about a woman who ended up taking aspirin for recurrent miscarriages here . (Just to note, Marina found the Hughes Syndrome website, so I'm cribbing that from her!)

Hope all goes well.

Enid · 21/11/2003 20:06

A close friend took aspirin after three miscarriages and had a healthy baby. I will admit taking it too (after only one miscarriage) during my last pregnancy and everything was fine.

Tinker · 21/11/2003 22:07

My friend took it after 3 miscarriages and an ectopic pregnancy - went on to have a healthy baby.

miriamw · 21/11/2003 22:37

It is part of my hospital's protocol for all IVF patients - basically take progesterone pessaries and baby aspirin for first 3 months. Can't see it does any harm as a "just in case".

miriamw · 21/11/2003 22:39

I meant the hospital at which I had treatment - I really don't own any hospitals

josiejump · 21/11/2003 23:15

I took low dose aspirin during both my (IVF) pregnancies. If I remember correctly I was told that it's perfectly safe to take it up to 30 odd weeks. Both my pregnancies went swimmingly anyhow, so if I were you I'd definitely try it. Best of luck.

daisybob1 · 22/11/2003 10:15

thanks for all your messages - if asprin does no harm and has actually proven to do some good even if you don't have the "sticky blood" thing then why is the miscarriage consultant so anti it - any ideas ? her only explanation to me was why take something you don't need. i know that if i have another miscarriage i will blame not taking it as the reason for miscarrying whether it is or not and am getting worked up about this issue when i shouldn't be.

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