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Am I pregnant?

15 replies

theworrier · 27/01/2006 13:30

I have just done 5 clear blue pregnancy tests which were all positive. I am only 3 days late!

The doctor did a negative test today, am I pregnant?

Any advise welcome as I am new to this.

Thanks xx

OP posts:
TambaTheInnocentPrincess · 27/01/2006 13:31

Id say yes if you did 5 positive tests!

WigWamBam · 27/01/2006 13:32

I'd say yes too. You need to go back to the GP and ask for blood tests to confirm.

theworrier · 27/01/2006 13:34

Thanks for your help, really hope so. Will ask for the blood test xx

OP posts:
WigWamBam · 27/01/2006 13:35

I hope you get the result you want. Good luck!

SHHHH · 28/01/2006 17:07

just to give you a bit of hope....I also did a clear blue digital test that came back +, went to my GP who did one and it was a very very feint + which he said wasn't a guaranteed +...Anyhow I saw my consultant who tested my HGC (May be HCG..?) levels and these had risen over the appropriate time. I now have a gorgeous dd..!!

I agree with wwb.Good luck. xx

Spagblog · 28/01/2006 17:09

Dr once told me that home tests were more accurate in early testing than the one he would do.

Gillian76 · 28/01/2006 17:11

Yes my Dr said the same. Drs tests are cheaper due to the volume they use, he said.

trace2 · 28/01/2006 17:13

i would say yes too

Meanoldmummy · 28/01/2006 18:10

When I got pregnant with ds1 I did about ten positive tests, all different brands, and then the doctor's test was negative. The doctor's secretary told me on the phone, and said "ours are more, accurate, you're definitely not". I was gutted. I ran down there with a big coat over my pyjamas, was shown into the doctor's office, where I proceeded to burst into tears and throw the whole assortment of wee-stained test sticks onto his desk. He then explained that the NHS being as it is, they are still using the simlpe dipsticks (as t'were) that were invented in the 1950s. Modern expensive tests are more accurate and can detect smaller amounts of HCG, so show a positive result earlier. he then repeated his test and it was positive.

If you have done 5 tests and they are all definitely positive - congratulations!!

cece · 28/01/2006 18:25

Can't believe your GP tested.

Both times I went to tell doc I was pg and they never even offered to test. Were happy to accept home pg test results...

Was there a special reason they tested you after os many positives at home?

pucca · 28/01/2006 19:02

My GP told me that clearblue are infact probably more accurate than the cheap tests that they buy in bulk, and never did a test on me (i am 11 weeks)he said a pos+ HPT was certain enough!

cod · 28/01/2006 19:05

Message withdrawn

pucca · 28/01/2006 19:07
mummytosteven · 28/01/2006 19:58

I'd say yes too, and agree that doctor's tests aren't as good as the better HPTs. My test came up clear as day with Boots own brand, but only a faint line at doctor's.

beansprout · 28/01/2006 20:02

A lot of GPs don't even bother to test. If the home test is +ve then that's good enough for them.

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