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Any September 2004 mums UTD again?

14 replies

Highlander · 22/01/2006 15:51

UTD (up the duff) being DH's gentile way of saying pregnant.

OP posts:
dejags · 22/01/2006 16:02

Does that mean you are?????

Highlander · 22/01/2006 16:04

no, no, no! I've told DH that I want non-stop shagging for fun before I would even consider a howling sprog again

Just wondering what the common age-gap is.

How's your DS?

OP posts:
dejags · 22/01/2006 16:07

ah you had me all excited for a minute there.

DS's are both doing well. DS2 is a monster (size wise) and full of fun - currently cutting 5 teeth . He's sleeping ok, but very miserable in the day.

How about your DS - sleep/eating etc?

dejags · 22/01/2006 16:08

btw - there is a 3.3 yr gap between ours, absolutely perfect.

Fell pregnant with DS2 when DS1 was 2yrs7months.

Highlander · 22/01/2006 16:10

coming round to the idea......

DS is still the North East's champion non-sleeper. However, he's such a laugh during the day I don't really care.

He can kick a football so DH (who's fom Ulster) is convinced he's the next George Best.

OP posts:
dinny · 22/01/2006 16:10

hu, guys

no, no way want another sprog now. ever! bizarre to think I was broody at this point after dd (eek!)

how are you all doing?

Highlander · 22/01/2006 16:11

hmm, everyone seems to say that 3y is perfect. I'm getting on a bit (38 this summer) so I kind of feel I should get on with it sooner rather than later.

OP posts:
Highlander · 22/01/2006 16:12

c'mon girls.... How awful is the first year with Number 2?

OP posts:
dejags · 22/01/2006 16:14

Hi Dinny - so no desire for a third then .

We'll have another one, if not two but not before we are settled in our final destination (currently waiting on the outcome of permanent residence app for Aussie).

Highlander - I think the three year gap is good because while you are pregnant a nearly three year old is often potty trained and fairly self sufficient. They are also likely to be starting state nursery so you have a bit of a break during pregnancy and after the birth.

dinny · 22/01/2006 16:16

gap between my two is 2 years and 4 months. have to say the first year was pretty exhausting. but it this way, I've only just this week decided to start running and get in shape as am becoming a total mess - after dd I was already back to normal and looking young and gorgeous.
have NO TIME for anything. esp as ds still breastfeeds all the time.

but it's all worth it, Highlander - go for it, get it over and done with

dejags · 22/01/2006 16:16

absolute doddle. I can honestly say that DS2 hardly impacted on our lives (except in a good way) for the first year at least. It's quite hard now that he is running around and into everything.

dinny · 22/01/2006 16:17

think 3 year gap would be perfect.

no, Dejags, don't want another one! dh does though. the only time I'd POSSIBLY consider it is when ds is at school. but I want to get a horse then so afraid that is top of my list, lol.

Highlander · 22/01/2006 16:21

Had a bizarre coversation with my sister last week. She apparently was desperate for a 3rd, but her DH has a 'thing' about odd numbers so they would have to go on and have 4, but he definitely doesn't want 4 so they stopped at 2.......... yes, I was confused too

OP posts:
dinny · 22/01/2006 16:21

Highlander - that is EXACTLY what my dh is like. but he doesn't want odd numbers - wants 3 or 5! v odd.

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