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Can anyone tell me about Frimley Park hospital?

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homemama · 16/01/2006 14:54

Just seen the midwife who said I have to make a provisional decision about which hospital I want.

We didn't live here when I had DS so I know know anything about the local hospitals. Apparently I can go to Basingstoke, Frimley Park or one other which I've forgotten since leaving the room. Two local mums have told me that they had bad experiences at Basingstoke so I wondered about Frimley Park. Is it clean/calm etc? Do you get one-one when in labour or do you need to share? How do I find out about intervention rates?

Last time I was encouraged to walk around from the edge of the bed to the ball to the stool to the back of a chair, anywhere to get comfy. Hoping for the same this time.

Any knowledge good or bad would be helpful.

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PreggieMum · 16/01/2006 15:03

No personal experience of Frimley Park, but I used to work with 2 people, both of whom gave birth at Frimley Park & both were very impressed. Encouraged to walk around, use the ball and were also able to use the birthing pool if they wanted. They also said that they had really good help with breastfeeding after the birth.

I too have heard of people having bad experiences at Basingstoke.

Was the third hospital the Royal Berks?

homemama · 16/01/2006 15:19

Thanks Preggiemum. That could have been the other hospital, yes.

The two other women I mentioned were just talking at a coffee morning about their general experience. As I wasn't pg at the time, I didn't take much notice but it didn't sound good.
I'm happy to have my mind changed if other people think it's wonderful.

Good to here of more people having a good experience of Frimley Park.

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homemama · 16/01/2006 15:20

hear not here

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gingernut · 16/01/2006 15:25

Hi, I had both mine at Frimley Park. Had one-to-one both times. Active birth encouraged, in fact despite registrar having written in my notes saying I had to be continuously monitored with my second in second stage the m/w supervisor said it wasn't necessary and let me get on with it (the note was due to problems with first labour but nothing to do with my care). I didn't get the epidural I requested second time though (`anaesthetist busy in theatre').

Lots of my friends had theirs at Frimley as well and I don't know of any who had a bad experience.

They have a pool room which I used first time (didn't give birth in water though because I ended up getting out to have an epidural).

gingernut · 16/01/2006 15:27

Third hospital might have been Royal Berks (Reading), Heatherwood (Ascot/Windor) or Wexham Park (Slough).

homemama · 16/01/2006 15:29

Thanks Gingernut. All seems positive so far!

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Eshay · 17/01/2006 12:11

Homemama, I have not had a baby at Frimley Park yet but will any day now. I'm due this Friday. So far the antenatal care has been good. They have been very efficient.

The community midwives I've seen (only 2 throughout the 9 months so that is positive) have been lovely.

I went on their tour a while ago, which was very busy. I don't know where all these pg women came from as they do 2 tours every weekend. All seemed okay although I thought things could do with a bit of freshening up. Probably not fair of me to say because I had DS in shiney new Maternity ward at St Thomas' Hospital in London.

I'll let you know how I got on when it's all over and done with.

homemama · 17/01/2006 19:52

Thanks Eshay! Everyone has given me positive feedback so it looks like being an easy choice.

Good luck with the birth. I hope it all goes well and he/she doesn't give you too much trouble!

If you remember (and you get a spare minute ) it would be great to hear how you got on and how you found things. Either on this thread or feel free to CAT me.

Good luck again!

OP posts:
pepperrabbit · 17/01/2006 20:32

I had DS at Frimley and am under ante natal care there at the mo. Had no problems at all - two m/w all to myself last time - it's part military so some are quite forceful, but everyone on the wards was lovely. Was quite busy and got absolutley no sleep last time (2 nights) though so tempted to ask for a private room this time.
All my friends had their babies there, and probably 9 out of 10 were happy, everyone's going back for No 2 if that's a help!

IamBlossom · 17/01/2006 22:12

Yep I had DS there Sept 2004, and I thought it was fine (nothing to compare it too, but still). Used the bath, and they were also really cool about what seemed like my entire family (DH, both sisters, mum etc) trooping in and out (I was less fine about it but there you go). It was busy in the wards afterwards, but all very friendly and the midwives were really nice showing me how to breastfeed etc. I thought overall it was a good experience despite having a difficult labour. And the aneasthetist (sp) was cute too.........

Eshay · 18/01/2006 10:06

Well, if the aneasthetist is cute we all know what to do! Very useful information, Iamblossom, even more reasons to ask for an epidural

homemama · 18/01/2006 10:15

Thanks guys!
Pepperrabbit, forceful midwives are one of my fears. I responded much better to the gentle coaxing from mw1 last time than the 'you're not listening to me' stuff from mw2 who luckily left after 1hour!

OP posts:
aprilmeadow · 18/01/2006 18:56

I was born at FPH and had my DS there in April 05. I thought the care was very good. I had 1 MW throughtout - was only in labour at the hosp for 4 hours. They let me get in the birthing pool to help ease the pains, and were quite supportive with my decisions. After the birth I had lots of support with breastfeeding.

your 3rd hosp could have been the Royal Surrey. I had the choice of FPH or RS and FPH won hands down!

aprilmeadow · 18/01/2006 18:56

Maybe you could do a visit of the labour and delivery wards at the three choices, so you can see the difference

sommer2000 · 23/01/2006 17:05

I had both my children there ds in 2002 and dd in 2005. I had no complaints either time had several problems in mid trimester. The antenatal care was excellent. Even managed to be delivered by commnunity midwives both times. The second had been my midwife through out pregnancy. I would certainly take up the opportunity to look round

Piffle · 23/01/2006 17:32

I had dd there
I left it as late as poss to go in, was put straight ina room with m/d and studetn m/w
delivered in 17 minsutes, had a bath went home 2 hrs later
I thoroughly recommend it!
I gave birth upright leaning against the bed, the m/w was very keen to let me lead
she never even needed to check for dilation as she said it was fairly obvious that I was there already.
The only niggle is that my ante natal care was a bit keen to label me with obstetric cholestastis and force an induction when I did not actually have it - so I rebelled with much success
So I entailed much ante natal intervention, scans daily bloods and monitoring but the care was excellent truly excellent

sickandtired · 23/01/2006 17:56

I didn't have a great time there to be honest - sorry. (But I did go back with ds2). DS1 was bback to back, so an incredibly painful labour, which lasted far too long, and then he ended up in special care cos of the stressful delivery for a week and a half. They should have sectioned me after well before I got to 30 hours (in my aunts opinion, shes a M/W)

I have to say though that the M/W's and the care was exceelent, just wished it had been more managed.

2nd time, got there, ds2 born 7 mins after I arrived in the hospital, home the next day - all great, until I was back the next week with an infection and kept in for over a week . Again, the care was good.

If I ever had another one I would try and go to Ascot.

Top tip - Def book a private room!

homemama · 24/01/2006 21:33

Thanks, I've decided to visit this weekend so hopefully I'll get a feel of the place.

OP posts:
DebitheScot · 25/01/2006 12:04

I'm going to Frimley too and only story I'd heard was from someone who didn't have a great experience so glad to hear so many positive stories.
Thinking I might quite like to use birthing pool (unless someone else gets there first!)
Due April with 1st baby, hoping to be in and out as quick as possible.

Eshay · 30/01/2006 12:56


Well, I've had my baby now and I have to say I was very impressed with FPH. It didn't seem overly busy when I got there, I had one MW who stayed in the room the whole time - this was only about 2 hours, though, then it was decided I needed a Caesarean. There was a bit of a panic so they rushed me away and baby was in daddy's arms 10 minutes later. No waiting around for aneasthetists and there was a cute young guy in theatre, not sure who he was

The aftercare was excellent. I had had a C-section before at St Thomas' in London but I preferred the after care at FPH. They had all C-section mums together on a ward and the midwives were very helpful. I never felt I needed more privacy so getting a private room would seem like a waste of money to me. They are quite strict witht heir visiting regime so you get a lot of rest.

I would defintely recommend it. Oh, one thing, find out how to get to the maternity ward after hours as we arrived at midnight and felt a bit lost trying to find the ward, despite it being quite a small hospital.

homemama · 11/02/2006 13:55

Thanks Eshay, glad you had a safe delivery. I still haven't been but hope to do so soon.
Good luck with the baby.

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