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Backache & Massage - a question

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catkin · 11/11/2003 11:30

I have been getting backache really low down - around my cochinx (not entirely sure how you spell that one!) and have been lent a massage cushion which you can lean on and vibrates, but I have also been told that vibrations can be unhealthy for the baby - hence no going in a jacuzzi etc - does anyone know if this would be okay to use? Its not really powerful or anything.

OP posts:
udar · 11/11/2003 21:28

Not sure how vibrations can be that bad - be aware of the ligaments stretching etc. As for the jacuzzi isn't that due to heating up the baby too much? I just read in a magazine one of those 'questions too embarrasing to ask' about vibrators and whether you could use them during pregnancy and the answer was on the outside shouldn't hurt but don't put it inside, so I'd have thought the answer for your vibrating massager would be similar. I would say I am not a doctor or anything but isn't a tens unit similar and that's allowed.

boyandgirl · 11/11/2003 21:44

I've never heard that vibrations can be bad for the baby - apparently you can use a vibrator when pregnant, so why not an 'external' massager? You shouldn't go into a jacuzzi because of possible poor hygiene and the high temperature of the water.

boyandgirl · 11/11/2003 21:44

udar our posts crossed!

GeorginaA · 11/11/2003 21:47

I bought one of those vibrating cushion things a few years back specifically because I had such bad back ache while pregnant. However, when I got it home and read the instructions it did have a big warning about not to be used if pregnant so I had to take it back

They were probably just covering themselves legally, but still... I'd be a bit cautious.

suedonim · 11/11/2003 22:04

We had fun in a shop once, trying out all those vibrating chairs. But 14yo dd wasn't allowed to try it - you had to be over 16, lol!! ISTR there was a warning that pg women shouldn't use them but I don't know why, sorry.

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