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Baby's heart beat constant between 130-140bpm, boy or girl?

14 replies

Savannahrose · 14/12/2011 16:37

Every time I've seen my midwife, my baby's heart beat has been 130-140 never right near 140 but in that range.

Anyone think it's a boy or girl?

OP posts:

scarletforya · 14/12/2011 17:14

I think it's scientifically accepted now that there is no correlation between fetal heart rate and gender! Sorry!


misdee · 14/12/2011 17:16

its a baby!


feekerry · 14/12/2011 18:40

I say a boy! My mum works with midwives and they say there is some truth in this old wives tale. They say anything above 140 ish is a girl anything below is a boy. Was right in my case!


CheeseandGherkins · 14/12/2011 18:47

This baby is a girl and always around that range, lower than what is "supposed" to indicate a girl. 26 weeks and had lots of scans so we're definitely having a girl, not a boy.


melliebobs · 14/12/2011 19:55

My lil baba has shown the whole heart rate v gender to be absolute tosh


Enfyshedd · 14/12/2011 22:03

Just got to hear my Shrimp's heartbeat for the first time on Monday - recorded at 150-160bpm. DP already has 2 boys, so I'm not holding my breath for a girl...


ASuitableGirl · 14/12/2011 22:04

DS always had a higher than 140 heartbeat, DD always had a lower than 140 heartbeat.


mum2JRC · 14/12/2011 22:15

When I was in labour with my first the midwife thought boy as heartrate about 130 and she was correct!
2nd time round it was slightly higher but resting heart rate just under 140 and a boy again.
The heart rate was often higher in 2nd trimester but settled to the rate above in the 3rd


popcornchicken · 15/12/2011 20:22

Shock hope not true about heart beat been told having a boy and heart beat allways around 150 :S x


Mum2be79 · 15/12/2011 21:27

I'm 37 + 5 and my baby has had heart beats ranging from 122-142, 122-138 and well over the 140 mark! So if the tales are true, then my baby swaps between a boy and a girl!!! lol!

One thing I did notice from my notes is that when my BP is raised, the foetal HR is always lower (122-138) but when the BP is lower (normal) the HR is between 135 and 152.

I've been guessing the sex of my baby for months:

Nausea up to week 19 - no vomiting
loss of appetite - especially meat,
love sweet stuff - but then so does DH,
'small' baby - growth scan tomorrow,
all front - but that could be my body posture,
no linea nigra below the belly button but slight line above - I'm very fair skinned

Guess I'll have to wait and see!


Ggauld1 · 19/01/2014 00:08

Hello, very similar to myself at present. What did you have? Thanks


Writerwannabe83 · 19/01/2014 12:24

My baby's heart rate is always between 140-155 and I've had God knows how many scans and heart rate tracings!! I'm having a boy Smile


OwlinaTree · 19/01/2014 13:27

I'd guess that was a boy!

But it's just a guess Grin


TobyLerone · 19/01/2014 13:56

DD2's heart rate was always 140-150.

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