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I feel totally p*ed off

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emkana · 06/01/2006 21:44

I'm 18 weeks now and I still feel sick. I've also had a cold and sinus problems for the last five weeks. For the last two weeks I've woken up with a splitting headache every day. I've just started to develop heartburn.
I haven't had a single day where I have felt truly well since the beginning of October.


OP posts:
bramblina · 06/01/2006 21:51

I felt the best for a long time, during the middle of my pregnancy, just hang on, it won't be long!!!

emkana · 06/01/2006 21:58

Thanks for your answer.

I keep thinking that everybody says that in the second trimester you feel great.

Pleeeeeeeeeeease let it start soon...

OP posts:
Katemum · 06/01/2006 22:02

i started to feel much better at 20 weeks so hang on in there.

bramblina · 06/01/2006 22:03

It lasted right through my pregnancy from then and until ds was about 3 months. I'll stop talking now....

mandymac · 06/01/2006 22:32

Sorry you a feeling so rotten! I had the sinus problems, but I found steaming every day and paracetamol helped. For the heartburn the only thing that helped was Gaviscon Advance liquid, I used to carry a huge bottle around with me at all times and swig from it . Also had great big fat feet like cornish pasties due to fluid retention and carpal tunnel syndrome. And I look back now and tell people how much I enjoyed being pregnant - isn't nature wonderful!? .

I really hope you feel better soon!

QueenVictoria · 06/01/2006 22:35

Its totally normal to feel the way you do.

I never felt like i was glowing or blooming or anything in both my pgs.

In fact, last pg i had chest infections, ear infections, colds, gastric flu, spd, etc etc to be topped off by pre-eclampsia at the end.

Dont feel obliged to feel great, and let everyone spoil you as much as possible and accept ALL offers of help.


laundrylover · 06/01/2006 22:42

Emkana, I'm on my second pg (29 weeks)and hate it for most of the time- was sick on both Xmas and New Years Day! Quite the opposite of blooming and will be glad to go into labour!! It will all end in a few months and then you'll forget all about it til next time I promise!
Word of warning- I was sick in labour and also the injection for the placenta made me pukeup all the water that I'd drunk - thought it was never going to end!!
Get on to the right ante natal thread and have a good old MN whinge - that's what it's here for!
This is definately the last one though....

Laura032004 · 07/01/2006 08:07

emkana - I had really bad sinus problems a few weeks ago (headaches, swollen face, runny or blocked nose...), and went to the GP's in desparation in the end. He prescribed antibiotics, and within a few days I was feeling a lot better. Don't suffer in silence! Let everyone know how miserable you feel.

Are you eating enough to keep the sickness away? I find I've got to eat v.regularly (esp in the evenings for some reason), or I start to feel nauseous again.

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