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Displaced pubis?

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madmarchhare · 03/01/2006 16:55

Any tips or advise for a friend who has had check with midwife today (32 weeks) and has 'diagnosd' this.

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Enid · 03/01/2006 16:55

is that the same as SPD?

madmarchhare · 03/01/2006 16:55

Or any info in general really?

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madmarchhare · 03/01/2006 16:56

I dont know. My friend had just emailed me in a panic and as per usual, midwife a bit crap.

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madmarchhare · 03/01/2006 19:00


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waggledancer · 03/01/2006 20:23

Am midwife and am not familiar with displaced pubis as a diagnosis. Probably symphasis pubis dysfunction. Can your friend contact her local unit to clarify with someone? or google spd

madmarchhare · 03/01/2006 20:32

Well, I was thinking this and have sent her the info I found on Babycentre that came up and asked her if it sounded anything along the lines of what she said. She said it did.

Because her midwife was so vague about it all, shes starting to worry how it might affect the birth. Of course she will see her again, but is worried by her lack of concern.

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waggledancer · 03/01/2006 21:50

She has a while to go before she is due and spd can improve or even disappear. She should ask for a physio referral at her next appointment, or before if she is uncomfortable. The physio can measure symphisis "comfort zone" and your friend can incorporate this in to her birth plan. e.g. lithotomy v bad with spd, delivering left side or all fours less of a strain. No need to panic, even if midwife not informative there is lots of info and support available on the web

madmarchhare · 04/01/2006 11:49

Thank you, I will get her to mention the physio.

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cinders2 · 21/01/2006 01:47

Just thought I would add a line or 2. I had SPD with my daughter a year ago and it never really went away. I'm pregnant again (4th) oops! any way it got worse at 12wks couldnt walk again, so decided to try Yoga for pregnant women. It worked a treat all the pain and discomfort went away, havent been able to do it for a few days and lo and behold its back! Must do it tomorrow, all I can say is give yoga a try, it worked for me but you do have to do it at least every few days to keep the benefits. As for my daughters birth the only advantage to SPD was it was faster and in an odd way not so painful. Something to do with the 'relaxin' opening up the pelvis wider or something. My friend has also had this condition and she too has said it made the birthing process faster (2nd stage- delivery)

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