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ginger capsules for nausea ??

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maybetwo · 27/12/2005 23:12

anyone taken them ? can you during pg ? has it helped? i cant bare the stuff unless cooked with other things or in biscuits , so wondered if this might help. Im just feeling ill all the time.

OP posts:
SHHHHnearly2006 · 27/12/2005 23:24

Messaged bumped for you...

BTW I was the same but couldn't manage ginger either. Can't advise on the capsules sorry....I managed to cope by having aniseed sweets and "preggie pops"...I was ill until around 24 weeks..I sympthasise..(sp..?)

maybetwo · 28/12/2005 10:23

thanx shhhhhh , had to get to bad , was feeling nasty.

It just seems to be getting worse and worse. All I want to do is lay down and do nothing. Not easy with a bouncy 2 yr old , although shes poorly right now , so all she wants to do right now is lay around.

OP posts:
kbaby · 29/12/2005 13:47

im 9+6weeks and feeling sick most days. The thiongs ive found to help is just to eat constantly. If I get a iny bit hungry then I feel sick but once ive forced mself to eat I feel loads better. Well for 1hour anyway.

Have you tried eating ginger biscuits. The other thing ive heard helps are sea sickness bracelets

DanceOfThePeachyPlumFairy · 29/12/2005 14:43


Have heard of the capsules being used effectively.

have a look at this site (am forever recommending it - sorry if seen before) as it has loads of good, medically sound ideas for dealing with all leverls of morning sickness.



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