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Numb bump !! is this normal???

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chIRIStmasfairybigpants · 27/12/2005 20:10

I've just noticed that I've got areas of skin on my bump that are completely numb and they don't seem to correspond to any particularly stretched areas either. I'm 36+1, have been having loads of BH recently (but not tonight-yet)and am a little perturbed!! is this normal?

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starandsnowshaker · 27/12/2005 20:15

yeah i had this aswell felt really weird nothing to worry bout though

hotmulledwinemama · 27/12/2005 20:17

Hiya - Jan06 girl! I am 35+2 with dd2. With dd1, I had a numb patch on the top left of my bump where it met my ribs - IYSWIM. Have it with this pregnancy but not quite so bad - mw isn't particularly concerned - so perhaps is normal?

chIRIStmasfairybigpants · 27/12/2005 20:24

Ooh thanks for that - I'm so relieved. I wondered what the hell was going on!! it's a really wierd feeling isn't it. I thought it might have been my nerves permanently splitting apart or something. El bumpo is now too big for even my "next size up" and ultra massive mat clothes!! Thank you (am such a paranoid wuss at the moment)

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hotmulledwinemama · 27/12/2005 20:32

Paranoid goes with the territory doesn't it? Last time I could only fit into one maternity skirt at this point - luckily, I haven't put quite so much weight on this time.

Hope to be joining you in the Jan post-natal thread - I don't want to be overdue like I was with dd1.

chIRIStmasfairybigpants · 27/12/2005 20:39

HMWmama - I've only put on a stone! - I've shrunkled everywhere else and just have the most humungous bump!! Drop in for a chat on the ante-natal thread! We're soooo friendly!! (that's a big fat hairy lie actually - we bite and everything - seeee big teeth!ahaa! lol

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