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Can you eat smoked salmon when pregnant?

11 replies

pupucelovesruDOuLaph · 21/12/2005 11:43

I was asked and am unsure...

OP posts:
Kaysleighbells · 21/12/2005 11:44

I did with ds1 and ds2. Don't think it is one of the foods you shouldn't eat when pregnant.

PrincessPlumPuddingHead · 21/12/2005 11:47

Yes you can, but like all salmon and other very oily fish they recommend that pregnant women eat no more than a portion a week because of the mercury levels.

I only eat wild alaskan salmon when pregnant, I don't want to mess with mercury at all frankly.

WigWamBam · 21/12/2005 11:47

the Foods Standards Agency says that it's not recommended in America because of the risk of listeria, but in the UK they consider the risk of listeria to be very low so OK to eat. Scroll down to the bottom of the link and the info is there.

pupucelovesruDOuLaph · 21/12/2005 20:09

Yes - the issue is with wild smooked Scottish salmon.... thanks everyone ... from the Queen's supplier

OP posts:
pupucelovesruDOuLaph · 21/12/2005 20:09

sory I mean the salmon is not me !!!

OP posts:
merrycompo · 21/12/2005 20:10

I assumed yes as you only have to avoid raw fish and as smoked salmon is smoked that means it's cooked

expecting · 07/01/2006 12:41

Miriam Stoppard says to avoid it (in her book Conception, Pregnancy & Birth) but it's been reprinted several times so best to go by most current advice.

sweetkitty · 07/01/2006 12:43

yes is the answer

smoked salmon not always cooked as theres two kinds hot smoked and cold smoked, cold smoked isn't cooked but there is something in the process that kills off Listeria.

honneybunny · 07/01/2006 15:34

You can eat smoked salmon, as the name says this is smoked which kills of the listeria. Cured salmon (sold as 'gravadlax') you cannot eat. This is just kept with salt, sugar and dill for a while (week??).

trix1 · 07/01/2006 16:51

Sorry to hijack thread but can you eat mussels when pregnant?

Nightynight · 07/01/2006 17:23

ooh that takes me back. We collected and ate mussels when I was 7 months pg. Some of them were bad, dh and I ended up heaving our insides out. dd1 (aged about 12 months) escaped.
I havent eaten mussels since! but the baby was unharmed.

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