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my poor mate

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curvybebe · 14/12/2005 22:39

My mate found out she is pg 2 wks ago. Went to hosp for early scan as unsure of dates. When they scanned they couldn't see anything in sack but was something in tube unsure if it eptopic or cyst n just too early to see anything on scan she had to go back for blood test today to see if hormoane levels had risen which would indicate normal pg they had but not as much as hosp would of hoped so she has to go back on fri for another blood test if this inconculsive she has to have camera in belly button to see what happening. Has anyone heard of this sort of thing before?

OP posts:
SHHHHsantaiscoming · 14/12/2005 23:41

Have had bloods to test for hcg levels and to see if they have increased. Luckily all went well for us.
No idea about eptopic or camera in belly button...can't they do a scan internally..? Thats what we had and it's the most reliable for easly pregnancy..we saw dd at 6 weeks!!

Bumping this to see if anyone can help you.
Hope all goes well for your friend.

feastofsteven · 14/12/2005 23:44

I had to have blood tests for HCG levels. They were worried as mine hadn't risen as much as they should have done, but then I had an internal scan the next day, and that was fine, baby in the right place, and the PG went fine. I guess that they are planning on doing something called a laparoscopy to check what is in the tube in case she does have an ectopic PG???

curvybebe · 15/12/2005 10:15

I wondered why they didn't do scan internally but she said they wanted to do laparoscopy.Maybe cos of the worry of an eptopic

OP posts:
curvybebe · 17/12/2005 13:43

Just to update my mate had blood test yesterday and hosp are happy with it. Looks like normal pregnancy thank god

OP posts:
Simplyred · 17/12/2005 18:33

That's great news - fingers crossed for her xxx

SHHHHsantaiscoming · 17/12/2005 21:41

really happy for her. Hope all continues going well. xx

expecting · 05/01/2006 15:37

yeah, I'm in the same boat as your mate. In my case there wasn't even a sac in the uterus, let alone an embryo. I have repeat bloods tomorrow and am hoping the HCG has doubled. Feel for your mate and hope all goes well.

kayzed · 05/01/2006 17:13

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

golds · 05/01/2006 17:21

Don't want to put any dampers on this in anyway shape or form, but my HCG levels where doubling nicely and the hospital were happy with me. Luckily I was booked in for a repeat scan, it was at that scan they discovered the ectopic.

A ectopic is visible when your hcg levels reach 1500, if she has no re-scan booked soon, I would suggest she asks for one to check progress. I really do hope that nothing like this happens to your friend, but had I been more aware of all the facts, I could have prevented the 'emergency' of it all. Sorry to sound negative - I don't mean too.

QueenVictoria · 05/01/2006 17:22

yes, have had early scans for both pgs and both ended up corpus luteum cysts. They disappear after a few weeks on their own usually.

kayzed · 05/01/2006 20:48

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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