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sore throat...what to take?

13 replies

jam3 · 09/12/2005 15:49

dont wanna make a dr appointment for a sore throat but chemists wont reccomend anything for during pregnancy (they say i have to see a dr)..any suggestions please?

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Enideepmidwinter · 09/12/2005 15:50

gargle with soluble paracetamol

Mercy · 09/12/2005 16:04

Can gargle with salt water too

thebecster · 09/12/2005 16:08

Enid's suggestion is very good! I used to do that with tonsilitis when I was a teen - really helped. And since paracetamol is pretty much all we're allowed...

god I miss drugs already. No, not crack Just lemsip, nurofen, gaviscon...

jam3 · 09/12/2005 16:21

cool......tnx for speedy responses girls, do u think its ok to take lockets or tunes? x

OP posts:
SantaClausFrau · 09/12/2005 16:24

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

thebecster · 09/12/2005 16:32

Well not sure really. Just checked and has got warnings on all their throat sweets saying 'seek advice if pregnant...' etc. etc.

But personally if I had a sore throat myself right now I'd take Tunes or Lockets - they're not very strong. I guess you shouldn't have more than the recommended amount per day, but I really can't imagine them doing any harm.

I find hot Ribena pretty good too, if you like it. Get well soon!

JIFDA · 09/12/2005 18:33

You can take Strepsils ( the normal strength ones) I take these when I have a sore throat & they seeem to do the trick! 20+5wks

MistleToo · 09/12/2005 18:34

just drink loads of water

feastofsteven · 09/12/2005 18:43

Honey and lemon in hot water. Loads to drink in general.

jam3 · 10/12/2005 14:08

thanks all SO much for the the way one chemist said you shouldnt have honey in pregnancy....anyone hear of this?!!?

OP posts:
JackFrostStini · 10/12/2005 14:33

Jam - my midwife said honey, lemon juice and hot water ok was when I had sore throat.
Mine has now developed into full blown cold though - runny nose, headaches etc. Have any knowledgeable MNers got any recommendations on anything I can take? (26 wks pg)

LIZS · 10/12/2005 14:39

Remember doing the soluble paracetamol when I was pg but gargling made me retch. Warm Honey and Lemon is good .

jam3 · 10/12/2005 17:24

oh poor jackfrost..get well soon

glad to hear honey is ok as I had taken honey and lemon water!! Thanks all again for advice....hope you all keep well and healthy


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