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Exhausted all the time

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coribells · 05/12/2005 18:17

I am 18 weeks pregnant, and am still constantly tired all the time. I get a good night sleep from 10.00-7.00/7.30/, I could go to sleep now, if Dh was home.
My Iron levels are fine. Is it usual to continue to feel so tired in the 2nd trimester?

OP posts:
HappyMumof2TurtleDoves · 05/12/2005 18:31

I did, definately. Much more so with dd (2nd) than with ds, my first

anorak · 05/12/2005 18:37

Hi cori, I hated being pregnant, felt terrible all the time.

My advice would be to take vitamin and mineral supplements, make sure you eat really well getting all your fruits and vegetables, eat slow burning carbs to keep you going to your next meal (porridge, peas and beans, whole wheat breads and cereals), snack on fruits in between. Keep going on with the good nights sleep, and accept all the help you are offered!

coribells · 05/12/2005 18:43

Yes, must improve my diet. Cravings are starting. Have just had two bowls of Choc/mint ice cream for tea.

OP posts:
YOKEFLEET · 05/12/2005 19:10

I felt like this until I was 34 weeks pg (son is 9 weeks old today) I felt it was just my bodies way of getting ready for the sleepless nights with a newborn!

Ironmaiden · 07/12/2005 12:55

Next check up ask if u can have your thyroid checked, it might be underactive.

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