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8 weeks and feel 8 months!

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mamma3 · 05/12/2005 10:47

Hi there, just joined and feel it will be great to chat to other mums to be. Am only 8 weeks today for the third time, but this time feels totally different as had very strong symptoms from the word go and have been tired++++++++++++++++++. Have been in maternity jeans from 5 weeks, WHATS GOING ON? any advice girls!!!!!!!!! x

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jersey · 05/12/2005 11:01

Join the club mamma3 I am on my 2nd and had symptons since 3 weeks, look about 3 months already and am in my maternity trousers from last time already . A lot sicker this time as well and extremely tired!! Has been suggested, twins!!!!

whens your due date mamma3, if July come and join us on the due in July ante-natel thread .

jersey · 05/12/2005 11:02

Sorry forgot to say I'm 7 weeks on wednesday!

mamma3 · 05/12/2005 13:22

Thanks Jersey, actually yes, lots of people have joked about twins and they occur in both sets of my grandparents and has not appeared since!!!!!!!!!! How bout you?, Do you have any twins in family?
Think I am in your ant-natal page but havent checked as still finding my feet with site, but very helpful and is lovely to chat. Thanks for reply.

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MIstletAOU · 05/12/2005 13:29

mamma3, I've just had my third and it was the same for me - felt more tired and much more sick than last time. Am very keen to get pg with my fourth but tbh I am really going to have to psyche myself up for the first trimester (by far the hardest for me!!) The tiredness WILL ease and although your waist is expanding very quickly you are unlikely to get bigger in the end (my bump was the same size more or less as the other two, but got big very quick!!) Make sure you get as much rest as you can at this stage

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