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Nuchal scans

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hewlettsdaughter · 14/10/2003 20:20

Hi all. I'm having a nuchal scan done on Sat (not offered by my health authority, so paying for it - want the reassurance of seeing my baby and knowing if there are any problems). I was wondering - will it be like other scans (only had a 20 week one with ds)? Should I drink lots of water before I go?

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WideWebWitch · 14/10/2003 20:22

I didn't have to drink lots of water. Mine was lovely - posh Harley St clinic (our authority didn't offer them on the NHS either), wonderful decor, staff, results and, well, everything really! Enjoy!

Gem13 · 14/10/2003 21:05

You don't have to drink lots of water (mine advised not to).

It was exactly the same as the 12 week dating scan (which was the same as the 20 week one) except the sonographer has been trained to measure the nuchal fold. I think the equipment might be (a bit) better too. We saw pretty much the same outline - limbs moving, fingers, somersaults.

Good luck for Sat. My 20 week one is tomorrow. Can't wait to see the little bruiser again. Feeling so broody...

gingernut · 14/10/2003 22:37

This is interesting - I was told to drink lots of water (a pint I think). The sonographer said the image was very clear because I had a full bladder. I was sent instructions in advance so if they particularly want you to have a full bladder they should have told you so.

bundle · 14/10/2003 22:45

drank loads for my 1st dating scan and sonographer had to get me to pee half of it out (not easy) so they could get a good image. knew better with dd2, and just drank normal amount 10 mins before due in there.

hewlettsdaughter · 15/10/2003 18:29

So - I'll drink some water but not too much then! Thanks for your replies. How was your 20 week scan Gem13?

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