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Pancreas problems......./creon

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dewberry1 · 30/11/2005 10:59

Hi guys..Im a first post..BLESS!!! Im 12 weeks pg with my 2nd and v scared as its been 8 years since my ds was born....Has anyone on her got a pancreas enzyme deficiency??ha a big ask I know..I was diagnosed with this in Jan and now have to take Creon everytime I eat something..Its driving me mad especially as I feel like I will throw up when I try and swallow the blumin tablet (iv always struggled with tablets but now I feel so sick its so hard trying to get them down without retching) SORRY..too much detail..anyway let me know and we can share..ha xx

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dewberry1 · 30/11/2005 11:59

whoops..iv posted same message a virgin at this..sorry

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