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Put me off please!

49 replies

peckarollover · 26/11/2005 22:16

Im getting mega broody

remind me how horrible pregnancy is

OP posts:
Mandymoo · 26/11/2005 22:18

Just read the majority of the threads on here and that should do it!!

SackAche · 26/11/2005 22:20

Pecka - LOL!! Even thought my H is a total WANKERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR it doesn't stop me getting broody.

My friends can't believe that I would even consider another baby having lived through me moaning through the last one. Definitely not thinking about in the very near future BTW! But its still.....well.... there.

What are your reasons not to?

starandsnowshaker · 26/11/2005 22:25

can i join in with being convinced its a bad idea

peckarollover · 26/11/2005 22:28

Reasons not to:

Might not cope well with 3
Only have 3 bedrooms
Im childmdinding for extra money at the moment so would affect that
I have a pretty easy life at the moment with a fair amount of me time

OP posts:
Nemo1977 · 26/11/2005 22:29

lol ermmm
Am 37wks with bad spd, a toddler who whines to be carried and cant get in/out bed bath, off toilet couch etc without grimacing and sometimes saying some profanities. I have an elephants feet at the moment and swollen hands. Everything aches and going outside into the world seems like such a momentous task I have avoided most stuff apart from the ridiculous weekly midwife and hospital appointments I have had. My boobs are ready to fire should anyone even brush against them and generally feel rubbish...any help to you

sweetkitty · 26/11/2005 22:29

I'm 33 weeks sitting here sober, knackered with a cold I can take nothing for, size of a house, just about to get Gaviscon for mad heartburn, got SPD and SI pain just about to go to bed and try and get a good nights sleep.

Not to mention the birth, bleeding, leaking boobs to come.

Has that done it?

Mandymoo · 26/11/2005 22:30

I have severe constipation !!! (sorry if tmi!)

Nemo1977 · 26/11/2005 22:31

ooo and of course there is the alien like feeling of your body being sapped of any energy, the lovely effect iron tablets have on your bowels, the fact that piles and a number of other intimate things become common knowledge. The movement of the baby just when you want to rest sometimes feels like internal

SackAche · 26/11/2005 22:32

Pecka - You'll never know if you can cope with 3 until you've got 3. Exaclty the same as going from none to 1 or 1 to 2!

I'm in a 2 bed with 2 kids. I was brought up in a house with 3 bedrooms and there were 4 of us....although when the 4th came along they extended to add another room!

Money wise - well that seems the big issue, isn't it always???

Time to yourself? Whats that??????? And whyd' you want it?

expatinscotland · 26/11/2005 22:32

Oh, I can put you off!

I'm 37 weeks now.

This SUX! I nibbled an apple at 11 - the baby is riding so high I puked that apple till 3AM this morning. I haven't had a full meal in months - first, I was vomitting. Now, the baby is still not engaged and my stomach is pushed up near my ribs.

I have piles, my boobs leak like sieves, and my back is in agony. Sleeping. Oh, waking up every hour b/c the baby is kicking you b/c it doesn't like the position you're in or it's on your bladder.

My hemoglobin levels are in the toilet. Dropping lower than 100. Oh, it's fun looking after a 2.5 year old when you feel like that.

My feet and calves are twice their normal size.

My hair is like a oil producing factory. So is my skin. I have skin tags all over my neck as well.

I can't walk more than a few metres w/o feeling like sitting down.

Getting into the Christmas spirit is a snap when you feel like crap and can't drink, either.

Or enjoy yourself in the kitchen.

Then there's your wardrobe. Maternity clothes. The same ones. Over and over. High heels? Forget it.

Don't do it unless you have to.

SackAche · 26/11/2005 22:32

Am I the devil on your shoulder?

SackAche · 26/11/2005 22:34

Just think of the weight you're losing though Expat! I'd kill for some of that during pregnany..... I just get the urge for cheesecake as part of my staple diet!


expatinscotland · 26/11/2005 22:34

Good points, Nemo and kitty.

I just finished my antibiotics course on Thursday. What would normally just have been an attack of sinusitis became a raging ear and sinus infection b/c I couldn't take good decongestants.

Sleeping - when you fell asleep, you woke minutes later full of anxiety for not being able to breathe.

And yes, even Spatone iron sachets do lovely things to the bowels.

Did I mention I'm back on a prescription for Zantac? Acid reflux.


popsycalindisguise · 26/11/2005 22:35
expatinscotland · 26/11/2005 22:36

Then, after it's born, there's more . . .sleepless nights! No guarantees for a) a healthy baby b) one that is a good sleeper.

Let's not forget that lovely postpartum bleeding.

SackAche · 26/11/2005 22:38

Och yer all exaggerating!

ducks deeper and puts up MN shield

Nemo1977 · 26/11/2005 22:38

lol EP arent we lovely happy mums on the dec thread I think its the toddler element myself having a 2.1yr old is draining me of any slight sanity and energy I may have preserved.

expatinscotland · 26/11/2005 22:39

Oh, yes, the thought of tearing along my episiotomy scar. Having to use the mini-pill till DH gets his snip appointment.

peckarollover · 26/11/2005 22:40

This is having the opposite effect! Im remembering all of these horrors from my two but then also quickly remembering just how bloody worth it it is when you first see them, when they are snuggling in to you, breastfeeding a newborn ahhhhhhhhhh, seeing the existing child/ren interact with the new one, noticing the differences between them, your heart just breaking cos you love them so much.

Im pretty much split.

I just cant imagine not having another baby. My youngest is 2 yrs 3 months and growing into a child now and I cant believe that its big kids only for me from now on.


I do relish the me time I have - sometimes I dont get any for a while and Im climbing the walls. I have no problems with the two I have. We all seem to have a good balance - they sleep well, eat well, well behaved mostly, DH and I are happy etc

ohhhhhhhhhhhh i just dont know!

OP posts:
aloha · 26/11/2005 22:41

I always feel fab during pregnancy (even when I have a life-threatening condition ) but the sleepless nights are murder. DD has ONLY JUST gone to bed - she's teething. And I know she'll wake during the night at least once, probably two, three or more times.

I'd love another baby though! It's sheer madness.
And no, I won't be having one.

popsycalindisguise · 26/11/2005 22:42

remember my moaning from last year
have my ds2 for a few nights

zebratwizzler · 26/11/2005 22:43

I have 3. I spend my days exhausted & my nights being too wound up to sleep.

Pregnancy, well, where do you start:
feeling like a grumpy moody cow all the time
excess saliva production
metal taste in the mouth all the time
can't find anything nice to wear
heat rash

And I'm not mentioning the symptoms I didn't get, like funny discharge below, sore boobs, out of breath if you walkmore than 20 yards, or up stairs (friend is 33 weeks now and like that!)

would go on, but lightening strikes here so laptop must go off.

peckarollover · 26/11/2005 22:44

zebra, was there really that much of a difference from 2 to 3?

OP posts:
peckarollover · 26/11/2005 22:53

i now feel like manually ripping my coil out and going upstairs to procreate.

not how i intended this thread to make me feel lol

OP posts:
Kittypickle · 26/11/2005 22:56

Find the old Sept 2003 thread, read it and remember the growth spurts, any help ?

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