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geranium · 22/11/2005 19:44

I know this is often raised but I ca't find specific details. Could I just check whether I can eat Jarlsberg cheese? It's a Norwegian(?) cheese, hard but not sure if it is pasturised.

Grateful for info.


OP posts:
mummytosteven · 22/11/2005 19:46

yes, it's absolutely fine

here's a link to a useful page on safe cheeses in PG


hoxtonchick · 22/11/2005 19:46

all hard cheese is ok, whether it's pasteurised or not. hth.

WigWamBam · 22/11/2005 19:47

According to this it's pasteurised so you should be OK.

aloha · 22/11/2005 19:48

ALL hard cheese is fine, pasteurised or not. Listeria can't grow in hard cheese, not enough moisture. Relax!

mummytosteven · 22/11/2005 19:49

aloha - thought mould ripened cheeses like stilton were dodgy in PG???

aloha · 22/11/2005 19:50

Sorry, yes, apart from blue cheeses. But pasteurisation is not an issue in hard cheese.

mummytosteven · 22/11/2005 19:53

thanks aloha, didn't meant to sound like a smart aleck!

think that's quite unanimous there that you can enjoy your Jarlsberg, Geranium

geranium · 23/11/2005 07:46

Aloha - what do you mean relax? This is pregnancy - major neuroticism time. Anyway, thank you all. Will nip out to the shops this morning.

OP posts:
geranium · 23/11/2005 07:49

Mummytosteven, thanks for great site link. And you too WWB. Never occurred to me that there might be a Jarlsberg website. Maybe there is even a fanclub I can join?!

OP posts:
runtus · 23/11/2005 09:04

Sorry to but in but what about Port Salut? It isn't mould ripened but is soft..........can't see if it is pasteurised or not and craving it like mad!

Carmenere · 23/11/2005 09:13

Port Salut is pasteurised and should be ok for you to eat

runtus · 23/11/2005 10:09


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