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anyone in central london?

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oranges · 18/11/2005 12:00

Can anyone in central London tell me what antenatal care they get from 32 weeks onwards? I'll be moving back to the UK from abroad about 8 weeks before my due date, into my old flat in SE1. The GP's surgery has told me there is no problem re registering but I'd just like to know what kind of care I get. I'm only about a mile away from St Thomas and Guys and would like to give birth there, but is it too late at that point to book in with them? Thank you.

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WidgetWB · 18/11/2005 13:18

Am 38 weeks now and can't even remember what just happened! Think doctor at 34, midwife at 36 (that one is definate - I can remember that one!) and then doctor again at 38 (definately), midwife at 40, midwife at 41 (if you are late and unlucky like me!). I am also going to St Thomas's but have been booked in since day one so not sure what their books are like. I know that people are having problems with Kingston and Chelsea and Westminster from the beginning they are so booked up, but not sure on Tommys. Ring the labour ward and ask them if you are worried. Good luck with it all!

oranges · 18/11/2005 14:10

Good idea! Thanks. Just rang them and got a very brisk midwife/nurse, who said it wasn't ideal to book in so late, but as I was in the catchment area, they could hardly turn me away to give birth on the street. So I do feel better, I think. What do you think of St Thomas? I've never been inside.

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bebejam · 18/11/2005 14:19

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oranges · 18/11/2005 14:26

Thank you bebejam! I had thought of moving back to Cardiff, to my parents, to give birth, but think I'd be driven mad by them running up to the birth. I'm fairly low maintenance- just want the baby out safely, and don't mind about the rest, but I can imagine London hospitals being chaotic. I had thought of going private too but I don't think it's worth the money.
I do like the idea of giving birth to the chimes of Big Ben though.

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