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Question for mears or anyone who could help with my cervix!!!!

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horseshoe · 14/11/2005 22:25

At 24 weeks I had my cervix plug? measured and I was told it was 23mm. Anything under 25mm is supposed to be a risk of prem labour and so I was signed off work for the remainder of my pregnancy.
For the last week I have been getting braxton hicks contractions but irregular ones. Is this a sign that labour might kick in soon?. Im 31 weeks. I have alot planned for the next few weeks with xmas and that and i'm wondering if it's still possible to go to term even with a shortened cervix.

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horseshoe · 15/11/2005 14:18


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HandbagAddiction · 15/11/2005 14:40

Horseshoe, would be really interested in what Mears or anyone else in the know has to say about this. I too have a shortened cervix - probably only about 2cm long. Midwife for my first pregnancy wasn't concerned at all (neither was a consultant obstetrics person either I hasten to add) and in fact dd arrived 5 days late so 40+5. I'm now 12 weeks pregnant with number 2 and have asked her this time around whether having had one already, my 'short' cervix will be weakened and therefore whether I'm more at risk. Again, she is not concerned in the slightest.

Could be that your BH would be happening irrespective of whether you had a short cervix or not. Have to say that last time I don't think I had any BH (or if I did, I certainly didn't realise at the time) so can't give you any advice on that score. So fingers crossed that this is something completely normal.....

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