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Anyone else have a BI CORNUATE UTERUS??

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mawbroon · 14/11/2005 15:10

My DS was delivered 3 weeks ago by elective CS as he was in the breech position. After the operation, the consultant told me that I have a bi cornuate uterus but he didn't elaborate on how pronounced the horns were etc. I have been doing some reading about this online and am wondering how on earth my DS actually made it here given the increased risk of miscarriage and other problems associated with the condition. I can't help but feel that if I am to get pregnant again that the whole pregnancy will be full of worry for me now that I know that I have this wonky uterus.
Has anyone gone into a pregnancy aware that they have a bi corn? If so, was your ante natal care any different eg more regular scans etc? Also, I was hoping to have a coil fitted however it looks unlikely that it will be possible for me. Anyone had success with a coil with a bi corn?

Thanks in advance for any comments.

OP posts:
RTKangaMummy · 14/11/2005 15:14

I am not sure exactly what you mean BUT there is a tv prog on Tomoorow night about a woman with a split uterus and she has twins - one in each


Sorry if that is not what you are taking about

mawbroon · 14/11/2005 15:22

Thanks Kanga. I'll try to remember to watch that. On second thoughts, it might scare me silly

OP posts:
RTKangaMummy · 14/11/2005 15:26

oke doke

there wsill prob be someone here who knows more about it than me

Wallace · 14/11/2005 15:26

I have a heart-shaped uterus which i think is sort of the same. I think it depends to waht degree your uterus is bi-cornuate.

I have had 2 full term babies so it hasn't affected me. The midwife said it did make my babies lie in the back to back postition which made labour harder. I didn't know it was heartshaped til I was about 34 weeks with my second baby, when the doctor felt it.

Rachey1969 · 14/11/2005 15:28

Sorry I can't help you really, but when I had ds1 (nearly 12 years ago) the woman in the next bed had two sets of reproductive organs and her baby was fine (except a little small - 5lb). Also, one of the women in my aquanatal class at the hospital has a heart shaped uterus - sounds like a nice way of describing it! She said she hadn't had any problems at all. I wonder if you could have a scan to find out more?

mawbroon · 14/11/2005 16:37


OP posts:
Rachey1969 · 15/11/2005 18:29

Just a reminder, that programme mentioned below is on tonight BBC1 10.35

angelsfield · 15/11/2005 20:17

Hey Mawbroon, firstly congratulations on DS!!!Please, please don't get too freaked out about this, especially with what's on the internet. I know its scary!

I have a bicornuate uterus, they found it on a scan at about 9 weeks. I'd already had about 5 scans as I kept having heavy bleeds and was really worried. This scan showed that the bleed was in one half and the baby is in the other. I'm now 16 weeks today according to the hospital (17+3 according to my dates). I read the stuff on the internet, completely freaked out and eventually spoke to some of the doctors I work with. The pregnancy can be more painful and it's more likely the baby will be in a breach position which means more likely to need a CS. BUT, many women have this and don't even know as everything is fine all the way through.

I've been told having a coil can be a problem as it would only protect one side but I had a coil fitted for 4 years prior to this pregnancy and it worked fine! See if you can find a gynaecologist who knows about this and talk it through with them.

I hope this helps!

nooka · 15/11/2005 21:45

mawbroon, I was told that I had a heart-shaped / bicornate uterus after ds was born (he got completely stuck in a transverse oblique position (diagonal) and I had an emergency c-section. However, when I had dd they told me that in fact I did not have this at all, and my uterus was normal. Very strange! However it can vary between a little dent at the top of your uterus (hence heart-shaped) to having two complete sets of reproductive organs. I didn't have very different care in my second pregnancy, although I was under a consultant, but that may have been because I wanted to try a VBAC. Anyway, if you want to find out how divided your uterus is, you should ask for a scan when you are not pregnant, as apparently it is much easier to see. Also there is an increased chance that you may have only one kidney, so it's a good idea to get it checked. Ask your GP for a referral to a gynae once you have recovered from the c-section. You can also ask for more details when you have your post-natal check, but don't be surprised if they don't tell you anything much, as it is unlikely to be the same person as the surgeon who looked inside you (we certainly didn't find out anything useful!)

hockeymum · 16/11/2005 08:11

My friend has a bi cornuate uterus. She found out at about 10 weeks when pregnant with her first and it certainly did worry her throughout her pregnancy. She had her first baby 5 years ago. He was a month early but was a good 6lbs weight and had no problems. She had her second at full term at 8 1/2 lbs weight! It seemed the first pregnancy had stretched her uterus so there was more room for number 2. She has had no other problems relating to her uterus and the docs have told her there are no reasons not to have more babies if she wants to.

Hope that helps

anchovies · 16/11/2005 10:20

Hi Mawbroon

I have got a bicornuate uterus, I found out when I got pregnant with a coil! The coil was in one side and the baby was in the other, so no success in the contraceptive sense with a coil and a bicornuate uterus!

I had quite a traumatic pregnancy, steroids at 24 weeks (worried about premature delivery), growth scans (they were worried about growth restriction) and ended up never going in to labour despite being induced at 41 weeks and gave birth by cs to a 10 pounder! So basically all the problems associated with bicornuate uterus definitely didn't apply to me!

Am currently pg again and my consultant care has been completely different. Nobody is worried at all this time because I carried my last baby to full term. The only thing they have said is that they would recommend I have an elective cs as the babies positioning is likely to be bad again and the heart shaped uterus means that my contractions are likely to be not effective to push out another big baby.

So in my experience if you've done it once they wont be worried about you doing it again!


mawbroon · 16/11/2005 12:52

Thanks for all your replies ladies. I suppose the answer is the same as with every other pregnancy related question - that they are all different and there are no definite answers to anything!! I have been told by the doc that I can't have a coil, but they don't seem interested in finding out exactly how distorted my shape is so I might go and bug them until they agree to scan me. I am kind of thinking that it can't be severely distorted or they would have noticed during my scans with DS. At 36 weeks they told me that they couldn't see any reason on the scan for DS being breech. I know they were looking for low lying placenta or fibroids etc, but not sure why they wouldn't have spotted a bi corn at that stage.

I'm not planning another pregnancy for a while anyway, so a bit of a waste of energy worrying about it just now!!

OP posts:
nooka · 16/11/2005 19:53

mawbroon, I was told by an ultrasonographer that it is much harder to see when you are pregnant. Did you see the One Life programme last night? It was a mother with two complete uteruses who had twins. Aparently it is very unusual for this to be successful, but it all went very well.

expecting · 05/01/2006 16:26

I was told I have a bicornuate uterus when 7 weeks pregnant with ds. I didn't have extra scans and went on to have a healthy 91b 3oz baby. Labour was difficult though - 10 hours of induced contractions (meconium in waters)and 4 terrible hours of pushing. Eventually he was delivered with ventouse as his head got stuck. No one would confirm whether this had anything to do with the shape of my uterus. I've since been told that it's actually subseptate. As far as I can tell both conditons can complicate birth.

cccecil · 05/09/2009 23:16

Hi, i can relate to your issue of a bicornuate uterus as i miscarried at 13 weeks with my first baby, then 3 months later i was pregnant again and was told at my scan that i had a bicoruate uterus, i went into early labour at 6 months, as my waters broke but they managed to stop the labour and i had to be induced in the end, but i had a healthy baby boy.
After two years i was trying again to get pregnant but this took nearly 3years and i went on to have a healthy baby girl.
Recently i just discovered i had miscarried again and also suffer from very heavy periods and was told by my gynaecologist that the mirena coil might help but they have to give me a scan first, has anyone had the coil fitted with a bicoruate uterus and would you recommend this.

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