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Lets talk bumps................................

24 replies

munz · 08/11/2005 09:19

Just wondering if there's any link to firm tums and big bumps? it's only been the past 2/3 weeks i've really aquired a bump - still in pre pg clothes - except one pair of maternity jeans - pre pg jeans bit tihgt now. but bump is pretty much firm as.

am currently 23+2 and worried about having a huge baby ie 9lb or something. I know my placenta's at the front, i'm having a boy and it's my first so any ideas - what was ur bump like and did u have a big baby?

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expatinscotland · 08/11/2005 09:23

My first bump was HUGE. I had a LOT of fluid retention going on. I was 'pregnant all over' - even my hands and face. DD was 7lbs., 1oz.

This time round, the bump isn't so big, it's very high and firm - hell on the joints. I was doing Pilates 2x/week and ashtanga yoga 3x/week when I fell pregnant w/this one, 21 months after DD's birth.

Don't think bump size has much to do w/baby size, however. My Twiglett skinny SIL had moderate bumps w/both her boys - the first at 9lbs., the second close to 11.

ChaCha · 08/11/2005 09:34

This is my first pregnancy. Friends and colleagues were quick to tell me that I didn't show at all and made me a bit paranoid about my bump to be honest. Kept thinking baby was going to be on the small side.

In the last few weeks I have just 'bloomed' and am so big I can hardly move! IMHO size makes no difference, I've just been told that at 37weeks baby is already measuring 8lbs and is going to be big! I've only recently really started to show..and show is an understatement! He hee!

Congrats on your pregnancy and wishing you all the best x

munz · 08/11/2005 09:37

ooh girls don't say that! lol - I was after a nice small 7lb or something! lol - althou as I say the tum is pretty soild - do u think it's muscle or is that clutching and straws! lol.

will ask M/W next week I think.

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Hazellnut · 08/11/2005 09:38

MY bump was huge - but all out front - and my baby was a mini 4 lbs 9 oz !! Think she was in a very strange position !!

kama · 08/11/2005 09:42

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

sweetkitty · 08/11/2005 09:48

My two bumps have been the exact same, high and firm and all bump.

DD was 6lb 3ozs and I'm nearly 31 weeks with this one, they are even lying in the same position all to the right sometimes I feel like I'm going to fall over to the right as the left hand side feels very empty.

I was a stone lighter this time than last didn't start wearing maternity jeans until 28 weeks this time though just looked fat.

Rachey1969 · 08/11/2005 09:50

Lol at huge baby at 9lb! I think huge would be 11ib! mine were 9'5, 8'12 and 9'2 - with ds1 they thought he was a bit small! I think my stomach muscles were very tight (alas no longer...) I think it all depends how you are carrying (what position) and how much water etc (as well as if you have any flab tyres!) This time I don't look huge at 32 weeks cos I'm a bit bigger myself and the difference isn 't so noticeable - my placenta is in front and it gives you a flat bump, doesn';t it? All the movements are round the edge (I'm really hoping it doesn't mean another posterior babe though, I've heard they like to face the placenta).

Rachey1969 · 08/11/2005 09:51

Oh yes, and I carry them very high - maybe because they have big heads?! I didn't engage with ds1 even till I was in labour. (However they did all come out...)

munz · 08/11/2005 10:04

erm let's think this bump would appear to be 'normal' height so far, i'm not really peeing any more- unless he's on my bladder - not drinking too mcu more either.

would lots of water mean a 'looser' bump?

SK - thank's hon thta's reassuring.

Rach - this baby has a big head as well - 21+2 at the scan (well head was legs were 20) by the hospital date i'm due 8 days earlier than I know from my dates. I only thought 9lb would be big for me as i'm only 5' and a fag end tall! lol. what's posterior babe? my bump's fairly rounded. I was a bit over weight but not much (weighed in at about 10.5 stone so about a stone over - had some flab showing lol)

OP posts:
Frizbe · 08/11/2005 10:20

Munz, last time round I ended up the size of a whale all during the last month I put on 3 stone total and most of it appeared to be the last stone, which took 9mths to shift! (so far this preg only 3/4 put on, but then I went big late lastime too) dd was born a mere 7lbs 11oz, so not huge by any stretch, but she is a solid toddler now (not fat, just solid and is tall too, our big boned family!) everyone seems to carry different, I've shot out in the last two weeks and look the same size as a friend who is 4 weeks on from me (who is also a smaller person in general!)

OldieMum · 08/11/2005 10:48

Munz - don't worry about having a big baby. Provided that they are big because they have developed well, rather than because of the mother having diabetes, big babies are healthier - high birthweight is a sign of good development in the womb. DD was 10lb 1oz and the doctor was delighted.

coppertop · 08/11/2005 11:13

With ds1 and ds2 my bump was so enormous that it looked as though I was expecting twins each time. They were big babies (9lbs 8oz and 9lbs) but there was also a lot of amniotic fluid. No gentle trickle for me when my waters broke.

Lizzylou · 08/11/2005 11:18

Munz, I had a huge bump last time round, but only from 7mths+, before that it was everywhere else that grew! Ds was 8lb 13oz and very healthy, he is a nice solid toddler now. I have always been told that you have less probs with bigger babies , that they sleep/feed better, that was certainly the case with DS...but could just be an old wives tale.
My friend has not long had a baby and was massive from early on, really huge bump, the baby was just short of bump size isn't really an indicator.

munz · 08/11/2005 19:22

lol ct - so really I should stop worrying until about 35+ weeks? lol.

OP posts:
Rachey1969 · 08/11/2005 19:34

Munz, as I just put on the big babies thread - my ds1 had a head circumference of 39 com - hence the episiotomy and forceps! Posterior is when the baby lies against your back ie 'back to back' or 'face to pubes' - the baby either has to rotate more inside you and puts less pressure on your cervix or just comes out in an odd way - both of which make for a longer labour.

munz · 08/11/2005 19:39

ooh I don't fancy that - is it poss that the body will catch up?

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Mum2OneAndBump · 08/11/2005 20:07

Hi Munz

With my ds i was small, i even easured smaller than my weeks when i was about 35 weeks and had an emergency scan, ds was born 10 days late and weighed 7lb 14oz.

This time round we are expecting a girl when i was between week 22-24 i was worrying that my bump was to small i even posted a pic on here and ask and some said it was average others said it was small.

I am now 30 weeks and i am not joking when i say my bump seems to have doubled in this time, i am huge, i feel really really big & am finding it all very "heavy" so to speak. With my son my bump only seemed to grow in the last 4 weeks, this time i think i am the size i was when i was 9 mths with ds, i am dreading it i just pray my girl is not huge 7lb 14oz was enough for me, i had stitches that time round!

Goodluck with the rest of your pregnancy and dont under estimate your bump i did and now i am more than paying for it

munz · 08/11/2005 20:18

lol - thanks m2b - i'm sure it's all fine i'm just a worry wort! lol. being it's the first and all i'm not sure on what to expect - althout eh girls in work keep saying it's small and tidy - think i'll ask my m/w on tues when I see her. (quite gald i'm not huge- but then again worried it's so firm - here's hoping it's down to good tummy musclkes! )

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nhynes13 · 15/11/2005 19:29

My bump is really small but iv put on 3 stone although i can still fit in2 pre-preg tops and trousers and im 33wks! i definately didnt start showin until maybe 3weeks ago - i just looked fat! im really disappointed i expected to be huge but now im glad of my cute round thing instead of the monsters u see some poor people humphing around!

munz · 16/11/2005 08:12

thanks for that nhys, mine seems to have bloomed over the last week - know I shouldn't have jinxed it! lol.

now 24+2 and the m/w yesteray said I was 25 CM - slightly above average for the 'average' but in accordance with my personalised chart they've done i'm spot on so hopefully everything will work out. (according to thhat graph they recon he's going to be just under 8lb - but we shall see aboutt hat! lol) fully feeling all the PG hormones now with the bump and the leeky boobs, (and DH talking to him!)

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HandbagAddiction · 16/11/2005 14:07

Hi Munz! I had a very neat, compact and solid bump first time around - and was in pre-preg stuff for ages. Even at 40 weeks I remember people telling me that I only looked just over 6 months gone and in addition everyone predicted that I would a) have a boy and b) that the baby would weight between 6 and 7 pounds. So completely gobsmacked when a girl weighing 7lb 14 oz turned up accompanied with lots of extra fluid!!

So - really think that size, shape, etc differs depending on the person. Everyone carries babies differently. However, typically, a baby will never normally grow too big for the mother to able to deliver it - even though you say you're quite petite. Main thing is - if you're midwife isn't worried that you shouldn't worry yourself...just revel in the fact that you've a 'tidy''ll be very different for number 2...when you've no stomach muscles left at all!

munz · 16/11/2005 14:14

lol - thanks HA- how r u getting on?

(i'm just such a worry wort first timer! lol) think the instan ab machine will be out after to get the muscles in shape for next time! lol.

OP posts:
HandbagAddiction · 16/11/2005 14:18

Fine thanks Munz! Need to catch up and post on our beanies thread really! Had 12 week scan on Monday and everything is looking good...which is a huge relief!

munz · 16/11/2005 14:26

u and me both! glad ur scan went well thou.

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