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tweeni · 04/11/2005 21:08

what is it?& also sumfin called PCOS i think.

OP posts:
starlover · 04/11/2005 21:15

spd is symphysis pubis dysfunction it basically occurs when your pelvic joints become too weak (they relax in pregnancy) and your pelvis becomes uneven when walking etc causing quite a lot of pain

pcos i think is polycystic ovarian syndrome... don't know much about it though

shhhh · 04/11/2005 22:31

I agree with starlover...also think pcos is where cysts grown on your ovaries which makes it hard to conceive..quite painful as well I think. BUT I'm not a doctor so if I am wrong I don't want any mners to shout at me..Just trying to help...!

Tweeni why do you ask..???

tweeni · 04/11/2005 22:43

sum1 was talkin about it and i didnt no wot it was

OP posts:
shhhh · 04/11/2005 22:57

Ah right. Don't read to many things to soon .
I don't think you need to worry about the pcos at the moment (I I am correct in what it is!!) and you should be ok with spd for the time being. I did get spd although not until I was about 5 ish months. Some people get it at different times. Juts focus on how your little bean is growing at the moment.

Feel free to CAT me if you want any help or just to chat about the sounds exactly like I was when pregnant!

tweeni · 04/11/2005 23:01

i was posting some similar questions on bounty and now everyones being horrible asking if i'm for real cos i sound ridiculous. i've never been through this i don't know what to expect and i just want to do the best by my baby. are all the "older mums" gonna look down their noses at me like that?

OP posts:
KristinaM · 04/11/2005 23:10

Tweeni - I notice that you have posted about 10 questions on pregnancy on mumsnet in the last few days. I am concerned that you have not yet been to the doctors or got any medical care or advice and yet you are 17 and think you are more than 3 months pregnant. You really must do this soon

Mums net is not a substitute for medical care for you and your baby.

You also need to get some help to think through the issues you have about your baby?s father, your school and your parents. To honest, you have bigger problems to worry about than hair dye or maternity fashion

shhhh · 04/11/2005 23:11

you know what if they do look down their noses you should'nt care one bit!! They were in exactly the same position as you are now, I think everyone is concerned when it's their first. Everyone says to me that with the 2nd it gets easier and you don't worry as much..I am yet to experience that.
You ask away though. Its the only way you learn!! When I was pregnant some of my thoughts and feelings were so irrational and mad but you know what..I would rather have my mind put at ease than to go to bed and toss and turn.

You need to take one day at a time though.
I got a good book that took me through my pregancy, can't remember the name though (and it's in dd's room and she is asleep) I will dig it out and let you know the title tomorrow.
Shout if you need any more advice.I don't mind if you want any more help/advice. It may be more private though to email me seperatly. Mumsnet is brilliant.Although you can encounter some who aren't as friendly like the bounty site sounds like.. You may also want to go onto a "due in.." thread..There you will find others in the same position as you who are due the same time.

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