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is it normal to

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tweeni · 04/11/2005 20:55

feel really hot at times but then really cold at others?

OP posts:
starlover · 04/11/2005 20:56

oh i get that all the time... and i'm not even pregnant!

Charlee · 04/11/2005 20:56

yes i did while i was pg its your circulation apparently.

Mum2OneAndBump · 04/11/2005 21:01

Yes i think it is normal i am just over 7 months and i get this all the time !

shhhh · 04/11/2005 22:32

I got it as well when pregnant with dd..don't forget baby is like carrying a little hot water bottle around with you ;0)

KristinaM · 04/11/2005 23:09

Tweeni - I notice that you have posted about 10 questions on pregnancy on mumsnet in the last few days. I am concerned that you have not yet been to the doctors or got any medical care or advice and yet you are 17 and think you are more than 3 months pregnant. You really must do this soon

Mums net is not a substitute for medical care for you and your baby.

You also need to get some help to think through the issues you have about your baby?s father, your school and your parents. To honest, you have bigger problems to worry about than hair dye or maternity fashion

shhhh · 04/11/2005 23:53

I agree with the last post BUT still come to mumsnet if you need to chat to anyone. I presume that due to the position you are in you may find it hard to speak to someone etc. As it has been said we are not medical people but we can support you as much as we can. Let us know how the gp appointment goes.

JoolsToo · 04/11/2005 23:57

is it normal

to post identical questions at more or less identical times on two different parenting sites under different names?

My advice is see your GP he'she will have all the answers.

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