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Tummy pains - how long for?

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Fraz · 23/09/2003 18:29


Am pregnant for the third time, having had one healthy pregnancy and one misscarriage at nine weeks. I am now 9and a half weeks pregnant and have just started getting the sickness and also stomach pains. (period type pains). Have read other threads and have seen are quite common. Having to look after a toddler, like many other mums, i am finding it very hard. Can cope with the sickness - just, but the tummy aches are now getting me down. Can anyone tell me how long they will last for - in desperation.

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twiglett · 23/09/2003 18:35

message withdrawn

dot1 · 24/09/2003 09:09

Hi Fraz - I had cramp/period type pains quite badly on and off from 5 weeks up until about 10 weeks. I'm now just over 13 weeks and they seem to have gone - although I'm occasionally getting pulling-type pains when I get up too quickly/roll over in bed.

Hope they go soon.

Grommit · 24/09/2003 09:24

Fraz- mine lasted from 4-8 weeks. It is so difficult managing with sickness/pain and a toddler I know! it won't last long and after 12 weeks you should start feeling much better.

bunny2 · 24/09/2003 14:34

Fraz, I'm 9.5 weeks too and have the same pains. I find them a bit disconcerting as they are so period-like (I also had mc last time) but apparently they are very common. Cant tell you how long they will last though, I suppose every pg is different.

Hayls · 24/09/2003 15:40

Fraz- I had similar pains on and off up till about 12 weeks (I think) then they went away. I'm now 22 weeks and over the past couple of weeks they have come back, although they're slightly different as they're more like muscles/ ligaments stretching- which is what it is! I agree, it is horrible but they should ease off. Like others said, I was worse if I stood up too quickly or made a sudden movement- good excuse to take it easy!
Take care

Egypt · 24/09/2003 17:27

hi, like you hayls, have pulling pains when stand up quickly. i'm on 6 1/2 weeks though. have had mild period cramps, specially in night when i've been for a wee. strange. hope they go soon, but rather those than sicky. yuk. not happend yet.

Fraz · 25/09/2003 17:24

that makes me feel alot better. they seemed to of eased off slightly. hopefully will go away completely soon. fingers crossed for a healthy pregnancy this time.

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