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I feel like cr*p

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flamebat · 27/10/2005 17:22

DD's been on an additive come down today (birthday party yesterday), and hasn't been an easy child.

I'm tired and sick of hurting. I've taken paracetamol but its not done much. I want to go to aquanatal, but think it might just make it worse.

My lounge is a bomb site (an effect of comedown) and I can't tidy it because when I do I get a mouthful of heartburny yuck.

DH is gonna be no help for 3 days, as he is carving pumpkins 24/7 to make some money for his new bloody xbox (oh, and he tried to tell me last night that any money left over was going on some other game cr*p - after me shreiking about needing money for nappies for a new child, or paying some debts, or buying me a bra that fits, I think I'm gonna be getting the leftovers )

But generally and

Oh, and DD has just woken up after a 20 min sleep, still miserable because she's still tired.

OP posts:
doormat · 27/10/2005 17:25

flamebat try and get a nice hot bath
or if not
sit there and get a nice cuppa and
let it all go flying over the top of your head

moondog · 27/10/2005 17:26

Go to aquanatal for a start.
it will help-I promise.

flamebat · 27/10/2005 17:27

The bath is covered in bath crayons where DH bathed DD last night and didn't clean it, and I hurt too much to lean over it and clean it.

I need iron. I know what my real problem is, I'm low on iron and I don't cope... just gotta wait an hour or so til I can go to the shop to buy some orange juice to take it in.

OP posts:
flamebat · 27/10/2005 19:15

MD - not going to make it to AN... now hurting too much to be able to drive there.

DD's gone to bed, after a lot of unnecessary telling off.

I'm now sobbing over our lack of crisps.

I just want to be cuddled up in bed for a few days with someone bringing me tea and crumpets when I want them.

Does anyone know if you can use the period pain heat pads during pregnancy?

OP posts:
doormat · 27/10/2005 19:16

come on the chat thread fb

Bewitched · 27/10/2005 19:24

Aww flame. Have opened you some salted pretzels and some toffee popcorn - enjoy!

Got NCT class turning up in a few mins, so can't comfort for long I'm afraid. Better tuck in to the pretzels before they scoff them all!

flamebat · 27/10/2005 19:31

Thankyou!!! You know me too well already... I could easily eat them both all night!!!

OP posts:
Bewitched · 27/10/2005 19:34

Mmmmm - me too, but I'll end up regretting it at weigh in next week! Did you just love those chocolate coated salted pretzels that launched a few years ago? I was gutted when they got discontinued!

See you found some pals to chat with now anyway, so hopefully they'll take your mind off your aches and pains for a while.

I'm just sitting waiting for the first arrival. DH's plane has been delayed so even he's not here yet!

doormat · 27/10/2005 19:35

bewitched come on chat thread

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