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hypnotherapy : is it safe?

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happy1 · 18/09/2003 16:54

please can anyone tell me if hypnotherapy is safe while pregnant? I'm 15 weeks now. cheers!!

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SoupDragon · 18/09/2003 17:24

I had it at around 7 months pregnant with no ill effects. It made me nice and relaxed and helped me sleep amongst other things.

Mind you, I'm told that everytime someone mentions the word "chicken" I dance the birdy dance whilst clucking. Don't remember that at all.

waterbaby · 19/09/2003 12:09

Yes, was talking to a hynotherapist last night at a charity health evening I organised (for my sins - have gone grey over the last few weeks); she has recently qualified for hypno-birthing (allegedly pain-free childbirth....would love to hear from anyone whose experienced it)so I guess it is safe throughout pg... ring them up and have a chat - this was a very normal lovely lady! Beased in the westcountry - no idea if that helps!

happy1 · 28/09/2003 19:18

I went to see the hypnotherapist a couple of days ago, It was actually to help me stop smoking, and it worked!! Definitely recommend it

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