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Has anyone else's morning sickness got WORSE after 12 weeks too?

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Roseflower · 21/03/2011 11:35

I turned approx 12 weeks last week.

Ever since valentines day I have had literally non-stop nausea (any movement would set me off only lying flat controls it), with vomitting. The vomitting wasn't to severe only once a day.

It has really interfered with life but everyone said "don't worry it will get better at 12 weeks".

So 12 week mark comes and it seems to have got far worse. I still always feel nausesous and have been getting awful headaches.Last night I felt dreadful was sick 3 times in space of hour. I just been sick again.

Im just so exhausted. Has anyone else experienced their morning sickness getting worse as things progress?

OP posts:
nunnie · 21/03/2011 11:42

Mine, I am 13 weeks and have noticed my nausea has increased and pretty much lasts all day, and I even find it still won't budge when I am trying to go to sleep. I've put mine down to being so tired to be honest.
I don't vomit though.

daimbardiva · 21/03/2011 11:46

I'm 13 weeks too, and feel that my nausea has been more constant over the last few days too, which is a real bummer as I was counting on it getting less...

MandaHugNKiss · 21/03/2011 12:01

This time, it certainly seemed that around 12 ish weeks I vaguely improved for a day and then BAM was hit by three of my worst days ever. I was literally in tears at the thought that things were getting worse when they are supposed to get better and pessimistically predicted I was going to be One of The Unfortunates who suffer all the way through...

Then all of a sudden, it lifted. Happily nausea free now at 15 weeks and have been for over a week. Obviously still fresh in my memory how grim it is, so many sympathies to you. I do hope this is your final push as it were. A few ladies on my antenatal thread also experienced the same as me: a worsening followed by vast improvement.

jellyhead188 · 21/03/2011 13:07

Yeah the first two times it had gone by 12/14 weeks this time I had it till 20 weeks - I was so fed up wtih it - it did ease off about 16 weeks and then it was on and off but didn't really properly leave me till 20 weeks - sorry xx

Firawla · 21/03/2011 13:21

yeah with my 1st two it did get worse then and it stopped at around 22 or 24 weekish?

nickstermum · 21/03/2011 20:23

my nausea started at 10w and has only just really stopped at 20w....!

woody17 · 21/03/2011 20:41

Did anyone have nausea really really early on - like before 4 weeks?

CPtart · 21/03/2011 20:53

Mine stopped at 12-14 weeks with my first pregnancy, but was still being sick at nine months with my second, and only put on half a stone! It's a truly horrible feeling.

OrangeGloss · 21/03/2011 21:35

Mine started at 8 weeks (1-2 times a day), then peaked at around 13 weeks (5 times a day), only to tail off around 14/15 weeks. I'd got so used to it it was quite unnerving when it went

JimmyChoo17 · 21/03/2011 21:42

From 5-12 weeks I had all evening sickness 13 a slight let up but from 14 to 20 I had really bad sickness. It made me extremely exhausted, I lost weight I just couldn't do anything. Week20 it finally eased. I still get queasy moments but no more constant sickness.

I had enough of people telling me to eat Ginger like I hadn't tried that??!! Nothing worked. I also started to hate hearing bow everyone I knew sailed thru it and thought I was just feeling a little sick! It was more than that.

I do feel better now...just the later aches and pains are now kicking in.

My only tip is make sure you you keep your fluids up even if being sick

Good luck and I hope it eases for you soon.

Roseflower · 21/03/2011 22:21

Thank you everyone.Gosh- 20 weeks until it stopped... or worse 9 months. One poster on another thread said it came back after giving birth...

It's such a shock. With dc1 I had no symptoms until months and then I would just feel a little sick, be sick and then carry on. Happened about 4 times.

I had no idea it could be like this. I feel jealous of all the glowing pregnant women with bounds of energy :(

OP posts:
Tamashii · 21/03/2011 23:57

Thanks for starting this thread - I was about to come on here and ask the same question. I had the worst weekend of morning sickness. Had my 12 week scan on Thursday last week and spent the next 2 days in bed I was so ill. My teeth are agony and feel like they have no coating left. I couldn't even keep an ice pop down far less water. I was so hungry and thirsty but nothing would stay down. Yesterday I suddenly felt a bit better and today it is back to severe nausea and running to the toilet and wretching.

I think I was too set on the "everything will be better at 12 weeks" so to be hit with the worst morning sickness since about 8 weeks (and constantly until about 11 weeks) is just totally disappointing. I was in tears too with the frustration and just feeling so wretched. This is the only place I can really vent too though because I feel guilty complaining as long as I have a healthy LO. It is hard though isn't it?

notenoughlicorice · 22/03/2011 09:07

I have had it since 5 weeks, and am 21 now.
Have had a few days here and there where it went (first was at 3 months) but it has always come back.
Now get diarhea too. Fun!

Threw up so much last week and was so exhausted I have strained/torn a stomach muscle which makes it just even more fun.

Luckily there are 3 old women where I live who had it the whole 9 months, and they give me lovingly sympthetic looks as I slowly waddle by... the thought of 9 months of it made me cry for ages at first, but is just nice to know they survived, so I can too if it stays..

Can not believe there are people that chose to do this a second time, and can't believe there are some that don't feel like this...

It will end one day... it has to!

Roseflower · 22/03/2011 14:10

So sorry to hear everyone feels so bad.Tamashii and notenoughlicorice

Are you still going to work and getting out of the house?

I literally have not left bed for 5 weeks. I get so dizzy and lightheaded from just seconds of standing up.

OP posts:
notenoughlicorice · 24/03/2011 12:30

I gave up on trying to go to work... if I come good I will, but not going to stress now

I make sure I force myself out of the house at least every second day, even if it is just a quick walk up the road (we live in a small village, just going out the door and people notice). ZTry and force myself into fresh air on the balcony at least once a day.
If I feel good in the morning I try to go up the road to the shops before nastiness hits (just in case).

I came to the realisation that appart from feeling so crap I am doing ok, and this is probably my last chance to soak up staying at home in such nice surroundings, by myself, with no other responsibilities apart from my own.
So even if I feel like crap I try and enjoy the lovely view out my window, or the sound of the rain on the roof, and any peace and quiet I can appreciate.
All of which will fade into oblivion soon enough, so am choosing to cherish these moments while I can now, as a kind of last hurrah... ironically probably wouldn't have aprreciated everything I have if I hadn't got so sick.

lovemylittlebean · 24/03/2011 19:27

yes yes yes!! I'm 13+3 and feeling awful, I think it feels worse now because I feel indignant that I'm so sick and have passed 12wks, like "how dare my body do this too me! Behave won't you!"

I've got 2 of the busiest working weeks of the year coming up so I went to my doctor today with a long list of pregnancy related issues, this being one of them. She was great and has given me some anti-sickness tablets to take, I could have kissed her!! She said they might not work but I'm definitely going to give them a go.

Big hugs to everyone!

Esme11 · 25/03/2011 08:58

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Roseflower · 25/03/2011 10:14

Thank you everyone.

Feeling a bit Blush.Had my scan yesterday. Turns out Im only 11 weeks! So maybe there is still hope. Not quite sure how it got dated a week out...

I have to say though after seeing the scan, and what a beautiful magical moment it was I would go through of this again in a heartbeat. Every bit of suffering is so worth it!

I have to say it was very strange going outside for first time in weeks!

notenoughlicorice great post. There are upsides you are right. All the sickess has forced slowed me down from the usual mad rush and I have spent far more time with my family talking, playing games and reading stories and seeing how much friends and family go out of their way to help (well some anyway!) is very lovey. So there is a silver lining!

OP posts:
crazychic141187 · 25/03/2011 12:10

I was sick from week 6 all the way to week 26 with about 3 days relief in the middle! it was terrible! luckily its stopped now and i can get up without thinking o god i need to be sick again! But i heard that being sick is good because it means the baby is not taking in any bad toxins so it means the baby will be healthier :)

Roseflower · 25/03/2011 12:31

Oh I didnt know that about the toxins. I wonder if that why Im so sick from paracetemol (for headaches) as baby doesn't like what ever is in them?

OP posts:
Ashleighjane · 04/02/2019 21:02

I am 12 weeks pregnant now and at 9 weeks I was not being sick at all but from last night to all day I have been sick all day and I cant remember this on my other two pregnancy and can anyone help I can't even keep juice down or water or food

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