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How early can you start maternity leave/pay?

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toomanypushchairs · 14/10/2005 11:31

asking on behalf of my sister xena as her computer has broken..... she needs to know what is the earliest week of pregnancy you can get smp? thanks

OP posts:
Nbg · 14/10/2005 11:33

28 weeks I think.

KBear · 14/10/2005 11:35

where you been TMP? have you seen the SE threads lately? We're having a meetup on 25th Oct and going out for a curry on 19th December. Would love you and Xena to join us.

mumfor1sttime · 14/10/2005 11:37

Think its 11 weeks before due date.

toomanypushchairs · 14/10/2005 11:43

thanks nbg & mumfor1sttime, this was the answer she was hoping for!

Kbear thanks for asking! have been flapping about allsorts.... dd is in yr6 and we have to sort out a secondary school... the form had to be in today. have had to look at all the schools, make the choice, practise for the 11+ etc etc etc. have just got letter today to tell us where she has to go to take it. Also been trying to get playgroup space for dt's. have got them into one for 2 afternoons a week, but as they are not 3 till december I have to stay on site. still 2 X 2 1/2 hrs to read a book.... bliss! where are you going to meet on the 25th? and curry sounds good.... xena may be away but she would love to come if she's around.

OP posts:
KBear · 14/10/2005 11:49

The Forum in Greenwich possibly on 25th - Jenweber is checking it out. Keep an eye on the South East London Mums thread for updates.

There is another thread briefly (not) entitled "South East Londoners Christmas Curry Meet up" or something like that with info on 19th December. Venue to be decided but probably Blackheath so it's central for everyone.

toomanypushchairs · 14/10/2005 11:50

sounds good, will watch threads, thanks

OP posts:
toomanypushchairs · 14/10/2005 11:50

sorry kbear, hope you and your family are all well

OP posts:
KBear · 14/10/2005 11:53

Yep, we're good thanks!

Hope you can come. Sounds nice and stressful with the school thing. I have to apply to DS for next year (reception) and for DD to go to juniors. Stoopid system but the infants and juniors are two separate schools although they are next to each other and called the same name- doh!.

Enjoy your book reading - I treasure my half hour on the train to work so I can read a book!

shhhh · 14/10/2005 14:38

11 weeks before but you can take your entitled holidays (for the rest of the year) either before your leave (so you can leave earlier than 29 weeks)or you can take them after so you get longer off and paid. OR you can take the holidays as payment.

I finished at 27 weeks using 2 weeks holidays and took the rest of my holidays in payment.

Tumblemum · 16/10/2005 08:18

think that it is twelve weeks before your EWC expected week of confinement
have a look at the dti's tiger website you put your dates in and it will tell you the earliest date`

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