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strange 'jittery' baby movement in 29wk bump......?????

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dramaqueen72 · 08/10/2005 17:55

this is starting to freak me out alittle, keep telling myself its me being ott but thought I'd ask you guys anyhow.
every so often, for the last four?? weeks or so, I get weird almost 'shuddering' baby movement from bump. its not hiccups, its not usual kicking, or the rolling over feeling either, its very odd and I dont remember it from previous pg. it feels quite uncomfy for me, never mind the baby.
i know it sounds silly but i'm half thinking the babys having fits or something.
please anyone feel anything similar? and what the heck is it doing in there?

OP posts:
Nemo666 · 08/10/2005 18:06

Ive had it too DQ please dont stress..this baby is as yet to get hiccups but it does the shaking thing like it is a dog shaking its coat..if that makes sense...I just thik of it like a shiver..doesnt mean anything is wrong.

99redballoons · 08/10/2005 18:09

Hi dramaqueen72, hmmm, not sure hun. I get major jerks from my bubba, completely out of the blue and nothing like it's other movements, but they only last a few seconds and then maybe one more, but def then settle down. It's like it's jerked awake from sleep and doesn't know where it is .

How long does the shuddering last when it does happen?

99redballoons · 08/10/2005 18:10

Also baby still has lots of room at the moment so can 'do' anything it likes. Things definitely settle down as it gets bigger.

dramaqueen72 · 08/10/2005 19:22

glad you knew what i meant nemo! thankgoodness.
its weird like a jittery shaking feeling just for a few moments, not even that. i usually move and it stops. but its FREAKY!

OP posts:
startingtobehalloweenylover · 08/10/2005 19:30

oh i used to get that! almost like a vibration?

I actually never found out what it was, but baby was born fine!

dramaqueen72 · 08/10/2005 19:31

oh good! knew i should ask you ladies.
exactly likea vibration yes. LORD knows what it is!

OP posts:
expatinscotland · 08/10/2005 19:35

Mine is doing the shakey shakey as well. No hiccups yet, though, and measuring 30 weeks. DD had hiccups ALL THE TIME, even during labour.

dramaqueen72 · 08/10/2005 19:37

now if I'd had just SAId this out loud four weeks ago I wouldnt have stressed so much!!
does anyone know what it is? do they shiver/shudder in there???

OP posts:
startingtobehalloweenylover · 08/10/2005 19:39

actually i wasn't sure if it was baby or my muscles having some kind of spasm... was alwayts low down with me

Nemo666 · 08/10/2005 19:39

I am 30wks and no hiccups adam was constantly having

Sometimes DQ i wonder if its like a wave effect from a movement. Say like if we were in the bath and moved our legs??????

Tickle · 08/10/2005 19:50

Don't know what it is either, but my third one did it, when the other two hadn't... freaked me out at the time, but she's happy & hugely healthy.

teuch · 07/11/2005 14:52

aha!! I knew there would be a thread on this on mumsnet!!! only had to look...

i been googling 'shivering bump' and similar for ages

anyway, i get this too and was worrying about it being fits or spasms but I am going with the 'fluid' theory that it could be the sloshing around and stuff!

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