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Low lying placenta

15 replies

MrsDoolittle · 07/10/2005 09:22

I would appreciate some feedback on this.
Last weeks scan showed a I have a low lying placenta. Infact, it is sitting right beside my cervix. I was reassured that the likliehood is it will move.
However, during my first pregnancy my placenta was positioned quite high. This pregnancy I have found myself to be really uncomfortable quite early on. I wouldn't say I am showing any earlier, as at 5 months people are still surprised to learn that I am pregnant. I am, however, really uncomfortable at times. Sitting down at my desk for any length of time and I was surprised how awkward I felt walking the dog this morning. It's feel like a constant pressure that won't go away, sometimes like bad wind that won't move.
Is this because my placenta is lying low at this time?

OP posts:
Frizbe · 07/10/2005 09:27

I had a low plying placenta last pregnancy (still waiting to find out where this one is, next week...) and I didn't have any of the things you're describing at least not until later on! (mine moved out of the way BTW) however this time round, feeling pressure on bladder earlier than before! and also feeling pelvic pains earlier than before, all a lot looser I guess?

MrsDoolittle · 07/10/2005 09:29

That's it! Everything is so much earlier.

OP posts:
Frizbe · 07/10/2005 09:30

When are you due? Feb or March?

MrsDoolittle · 07/10/2005 09:35

End of February

OP posts:
Frizbe · 07/10/2005 09:37

Are you on the feb thread, soz can't rememer without checking! if so come n join us, we're rather chatty!

Lonelywitch · 07/10/2005 09:40

I had low lying placenta with my fourth pregnancy but it moved out of the way - quite late on though I should warn you! I think there was still talk of a caesarian at about 35 weeks, but I ended up giving birth vaginally.

TBH, your discomfort sounds more like it is to do with the fact that this is a second pregnancy. It is amazing how you start to fall apart after the first baby! Take things easy and don't expect so much of yourself this time round.

MrsDoolittle · 07/10/2005 09:46

I was Frizbe but I was ignored and I gave up trying

OP posts:
MrsDoolittle · 07/10/2005 09:48

Thanks Lonelywitch. I am shocked at how feeble I feel this time around, although everyone says I look great!! So not getting much sympathy.
I am being scanned again at 36 weeks, to check.

OP posts:
Amanda1 · 07/10/2005 10:08

Message withdrawn

Bewitched · 07/10/2005 10:37

MrsDoolittle - you weren't ignored on Feb thread! See my post from 29th Sept @ 6:41, which begins 'MrsDoolittle - how did scan go? Did you find out the flavour? And why not on for 4 weeks - have you just done your house move?'

Sometimes the thread moves quickly, so it may be that not everyone spotted your post, or remembered who you were as it had been a while!

MrsDoolittle · 07/10/2005 10:43

Thanks bewitched. Who are you? Flamesparrow?
I guess that was when I stopped checking the thread.
Hope your feeling okay! What about your scan?

And - a boy, and on the top percentile at the moment - eeek!

OP posts:
Bewitched · 07/10/2005 10:49

No I'm Tabs (named after character from Bewitched in RL).

I'm feeling great ta - had quite an easy time of it so far, lucky me! They couldn't tell the sex on my scan as Chip had some cord running between his/her legs and obscuring the view! I do have a 4D scan in a few weeks though, so hopefully will get to find out then.

You're quite a rarity expecting a boy in Feb though - we seem to be very girly so far!

Do come back and give us another go - perhaps remind people who are you a bit first, as some of them genuinely won't recall - we've had a few joiners and leavers in recent weeks!

aloha · 07/10/2005 10:55

I'm almost certain it isn't. This sound like a joint problem to me. I had total placenta praevia and never felt like this.

MrsDoolittle · 07/10/2005 11:15

Thanks Tabs

OP posts:
Frizbe · 07/10/2005 14:32

Cool, I've not checked the Feb thread, but hope you've come back over

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