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PLEASE SAVE ME - Any tips to help 24 hour sickness?... I'm struggling here!

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lovecloud · 06/10/2005 20:41

Please can anyone give me some tips on easing my all day "morning sickness"? Although I do not actually vomit, I feel like I am about to 24 hours a day with a mouth full of saliva, spinning head, no energy and stomach hurting like mad.

I am absolutely starving ALL DAY, nothing except crisps helps me and that is only when I eat them!
One of my friends suggested that I eat too healthy, I dont use salt in cooking. She said that is maybe why I crave crisps. I never eat junk food but I have had to pull myself away from the doors of KFC and McDonalds - why do I crave junk?

I am almost 10 weeks and I have been like this since 6 weeks. It is really getting me down and I really can not handle it. This is my 2nd pregnancy and with my first I also felt ill but only at certain times in the day.

I cant work, cook, clean, move - nothing. I have to sleep 1-2 hours a day. My dd goes to nursery twice a week so I sleep then, I am lucky she still has a day time nap when at home. This does just not feel normal but I know I am luckier than others who get sick a few times a day. Sometimes I wonder that if I made myself sick I would feel better. Anyone done this?

Please give me your tips or advice.

ps. I know I am moaning and I do feel guilty as I haave craved this baby for almost two years.

OP posts:
spacenstein · 06/10/2005 20:46

you have my complete sympathy-i suffered from severe 24 hour sickness with all but opne of my pregs, i was throwing up 10-15 times a day, however 24 hour nausea is horrendous too as you dont get the relief of being sick. if it becomes really bad, gp;s can prescribe meds but only like to do it if you are actually throwing up and are becoming dehydrated, have you tried sea bands? they are accupressure wrist bands avaliable from chemists which are quite effective and safe.
you poor thing you must feel dreadful, its nothing to do with your diest, its those damn hormones, it seems unfair that the first few weeks of a muich wanted preg can be tainted by sickness but hopefully as you pass 12 weeks you should start to feel better.

crazydazy · 06/10/2005 20:47

I felt morning sickness was worse in the second pregnancy. Just sucked a lot of mints and kept sipping water.

Sorry not much help, I found the tiredness was worse than the sickness.

lovecloud · 06/10/2005 20:50

Thank you spacentein - I have actually got the seabands and they worked within minutes and I actually felt almost 100% for a few days then it slowly went back to how I was feeling.

i still wear them as they definitelt help, it is worse when they are off.

i wondered about trying accupressure or accupunture - do you or anyone know about it used for morning sickness?... i want to strangle whoever made up that term - it was probably a man

... i should stop moaning and count myself lucky, sounds like you went through hell.

all for those little angels!

OP posts:
lovecloud · 06/10/2005 20:51

crazydazy - thats funny, mints give me a few minutes relief too.

OP posts:
spacenstein · 06/10/2005 20:57

lovecloud-you could making an infusion with ginger, which you can then sip when you feel very sick, also i had accupuncture during my last but one preg and it def helped, it didnt stop the sickness but there was a noticible diference, i avoided going into hospital and going on a drip

mrspink27 · 06/10/2005 20:58

I completely sympathise, I had this 'til almost 20 weeks with both my dds, I found that eating something like a cream cracker or dry biscuit and sipping water before I got out of bed helped a bit, i had the wristbands to and they helped to a point. I think that there is no one thing that helps everone, I could eat very small 'fairy' size jam sandwiches for a week and then no more, (both times) just eat little and often, and keep sipping water through the day. Have you tried ginger? I tried chewing crystalised ginger!!! YEEEEUCH!! but ginger biscuits helped and sipping ginger cordial from the health food shop helped a bit to! I could eat fat chips(only from the chip shop) and I found I could manage a small portion but with no salt or vinegar. and pastry, but again a small portion. I also made sure that i was taking a good pregnancy vitamin supplement with folic acid etc. If it hadnt stopped at 20 weeks my next step was accupuncture, which almost completely cured my friend.... good luck

misdee · 06/10/2005 21:00

i suffered 24hour sickness for the full nine months. the best advice i can give you is if you crave something (like a kfc/macdonalds) then have it. i craved salty foods with dd2, and soemtimes all i could keepdown was a bag of chips from the chippy.

Eve · 06/10/2005 21:05

try this, it saved me link

Pruni · 06/10/2005 21:33

Message withdrawn

bigdonna · 06/10/2005 21:56

you have my sympathy too,i survived on pasta,rice,chips and diet coke.does it feel like a permanent hangover?.i was sick with both my pregnancies i could not go through it again.hoping you are feeling better.

yingers74 · 06/10/2005 22:14

lovecloud - so sorry to hear about your experience, I was like this with my first pregnancy for 7 months, my second (current one) was also bad for first 5 months but I got help from my mum once a week, and now at 8 months feel a lot better.

My experience was unfortunately, nothing helped and in the end I had to get help from GP and a hospital spell. I hardly ate a thing during the bad months as I vomited constantly. My tip is to get as much help as you possible can, forget housework, if other mums can have you over to feed your dd all the better. In regards to making yourself sick, I did do this during this pregnancy when nausea get really bad, and it made no serious difference.

I really hope things get better soon for u & am sorry I don't have more constructive advice.

I have heard hot water and lemon is suppose to help but I just threw it up!

ei23monster · 07/10/2005 00:35

i had v bad sickness at the beginnin of this pg an my little snippett of advice would be just eat whatever you fancy as its supposed to be your bodys way of replenishin or uppin you stores of stuff it needs to help the baby grow! i ate nothin but meat and tomatoes for the first four months and now that it has passed i feel as if i ever eat another beef in gravy microwave pack ill freak out!! dont worry sickness is a good sign that your hormones are doin the right thing and hopefully you only have a few more weeks of it to put up with!
btw im 28+3 with my first!! (a bit of a novice but there you go!!)
hope that helps you!

ScarySkribble · 07/10/2005 00:40

I had 24 hr nausea with 2nd, but was never sick. I couldn't face cooking at all and bread was horrible so I couldn't even make DS a sanwich for lunch. Thank god fo the local cafe only reason DS survived. I found I could eat better if i didn't have to prepare it myself.

I found i liked crisps too and still eat them when I feel sick with migraines, I think its the salt and suger in them, I eat a lot of cream crackers and other crackers too and instant smash too.

eidsvold · 08/10/2005 10:03

I felt like that when first pregnant with dd2 and I found it worse when the blood sugar dropped. I spent a lot of time early on eating whatever I felt like.... crips, dry biscuits in my desk - salty cracker type biscuits, bacon rolls for morning tea, etc. As I was teaching had to sneak snacks between classes etc. Kept up the fluids too which seemed to help.

Try the ginger - driends swore by it - never worked with me. Mints staved off the urge to puke on the odd occasion.

gravity · 10/10/2005 14:26

Ginger - anything ginger. packets of ginger nut biscuits. swear by it. i remember that "i'm going to die" sickness. ugh! poor you! x

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