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A few questions about home birth.

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marne · 05/10/2005 15:58

Im 16 months pg and am thinking of a home birth as i am woried about leaving dd with anyone as she has oly ever been left with dh.
A few questions,
1, what drugs will i be able to use eg, gass and air?
2, Is it messy?
3, What happens if i need stitches, will i have to go to hospital?

OP posts:
TheRtHonBaronessEnidOBE · 07/10/2005 10:05


I'd quite like a home birth but we've just had new sisal laid downstairs

how much room for the pool and can you use a big old bath instead?

rubles · 07/10/2005 14:05

A big old bath might be of some use in its own way but it would not have some of the specific advantages of a birth pool - you wouldn't be suspended in water and you wouldn't be able to flip about from front to back to squat to whatever position you want at your leisure. And I would not imagine it being such a private space as the birth pool is.

princesspeahead · 07/10/2005 19:11

ahem, I have homebirthed in a pool on sisal, enid - just put down a big tarp under the pool. mind you I don't think we got a drop of water on the floor anyway (sadly it wasn't fitted with a jacuzzi function ).

we have a VAST deep old bath (the kind you can't actually keep yourself above water in unless you are 6 ft 2) but I still don't think it would be as good as the birthing pool - the room to manoevre in the pool is great somehow. although the bath would be considerably better than nothing...

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