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Flums having a baby!!!!

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Flum · 04/10/2005 23:12

Hoorah. Well hopefully. Early days and all that. We are chuffed, only thing moving forward for us at the moment is family, hopefully the rest will follow in its wake.

Only two days late for AF but couldn't resist trying a test. Only second month with no controls, thrilled didn't have a chance to get obsessive over it.

Gutted as will have to tell my friend who is infertile and her DP almost is who is waiting for egg donor right now. Don't want to tell her, she will be so upset and envious, can only imagine a tiny bit how desperate she is for a baby. Been waiting years.

Not really fair how easy it is for some, and tough for others.

We have the babies and they have the money, perhaps we should go 'Sesame Street' style and co-operate!!!

OP posts:
skinnycow · 04/10/2005 23:13

hey well done Flum - i remember the online testing last month dont forget to tell COD this time though!

jessicaandbumpsmummy · 04/10/2005 23:13

Congratulations hun..... hope all works out well xxx

BaronessJewelsofToochester · 04/10/2005 23:14


Mytwopenceworth · 04/10/2005 23:15

now this is one of those occasions that calls for an all singing all dancing little yellow guy!! instead of just him --->


QueenVictoria · 04/10/2005 23:15

Congrats Flum. Im sure your friend will be happy for you, hard as it may be.

You know, its shocking how few egg donors there are in the UK.

FrightfullyPoshFloss · 04/10/2005 23:15


CountessDracula · 04/10/2005 23:17

yaaaay well done Flum!

Carmenere · 04/10/2005 23:17

That's great news

Flum · 04/10/2005 23:17

Yeah, that online testing was funny as we weren't really trying but as we were both little bit dissapointed it was neg, we decided to give it a go!! Thought we'd have a bit more ermmmmm trying time though, arf arf.

OP posts:
KingPuff · 04/10/2005 23:17


Flum · 04/10/2005 23:19

Oooooohhh thank you thank you thank you.

Dh has banned me from telling any one - rightly I guess. But I'm sure he didn't mean Mumsnet, I mean you lot aren't really REAL are you?

OP posts:
CousinItH · 04/10/2005 23:21

Well I'm not real. Congrats anyway though, Flum

It is a pity egg donation isn't as easy as sperm donation.

HuggyBear · 04/10/2005 23:27

Congratulations xxxxx

Flum · 04/10/2005 23:35

I know, was thinking about egg donation for them myself, but so many complications, both physically and psychologically for both parties. Still considering it though. Not mentioned it to them though.

OP posts:
HRHQoQ · 04/10/2005 23:36

ooo - congratulations

LadyCodofCodford · 05/10/2005 07:45

lol at flum
thy way she writes makes me larf
she doesn "arf arf "in rl i hasten to say...

LadyCodofCodford · 05/10/2005 07:45

are you now flumduff?

TheRtHonBaronessEnidOBE · 05/10/2005 07:56

lol flumduff

congrats flum

do you have others?

MassacreOHara · 05/10/2005 08:29


TheRtHonBaronessEnidOBE · 05/10/2005 08:30

good halloween name mascara

compo · 05/10/2005 09:10

congratulations! Is it your 1st?

Flum · 06/10/2005 22:15

You're all so posho o these days. I'm gonna get one of my maids to carry this baby for me i think.

Massacre - fantastical name.

OP posts:
LadyCodofCodford · 06/10/2005 22:17


scaryman · 06/10/2005 22:18


aloha · 06/10/2005 22:35


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