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Is the second/third etc pregnancy quicker?

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Flossam · 04/10/2005 19:39

Just wondering as time seems to fly by so quickly since I've had DS. Does the same rule apply when you're pregnant again or does the time drag just like the first? Not that I'm pregnant or trying to be, just thinking!

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SplendidTinker · 04/10/2005 19:40


sweetheart · 04/10/2005 19:41

pregnancy is always an eternity!

Flossam · 04/10/2005 19:55

Bugger. Drags in relation to how much quicker time is post kids or just drags like 'normal' old time. Or am I the only one whose life seems to be on fast forward since DS's arrival? Or was it just that life slowed down so much when pregnant and now it is back to normal time? Anyone else confused here?

OP posts:
Queenwaterwitch · 04/10/2005 19:56

Bit of both ime.

lovecloud · 06/10/2005 20:31

i am almost 10 weeks - feels like i have been 9 weeks for months!!!!!!!!!!

this is my 2nd pregnancy, first i found out at almost 9 weeks, this one I planned and so found put at 4 weeks so i guess thats why it feels longer.

morning sickness or should I say "24 hour sickness" this time is like TORTUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURE!!!!

But its worth it if i get another little angel like my dd

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