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Does the baby keep moving right up until you have it?

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wiltshire · 28/08/2003 22:18

I have a question. My bump is in overdrive alot. Will bump stop moving just before labour or will it just keep on going right up until the end. I know that this has sort of been asked before but I would like to know how other peoples bumps have performed. Ta.

OP posts:
Dahlia · 28/08/2003 22:57

Mine slowed right down towards the end, I can't honestly remember how many movements I felt but it wasn't many - for about the last 2 weeks I think.

Angeliz · 28/08/2003 22:59

m i think mine eased off towards the end, probably a bit cramped in there

hmb · 29/08/2003 07:02

Mine kept thrashing round and hasn't stopped since. But he was born 2 weeks early by c-section.

ninja · 29/08/2003 08:36

Mine was born 3 days early - but the night before she was born (well the night before I went into labour) was the the MOST active that she ever was. She mut have been fighting to get out! (how appropriate for a little ninja )

doormat · 29/08/2003 08:41

In my experience yes.

bunnyrabbit · 29/08/2003 10:51

I hope it keeps moving till the end 'cos mine is manic today and today is my EDD!!!


Dahlia · 29/08/2003 12:55

Ooh, Good Luck Bunny Rabbit! Hope it happens imminently!

ANGELMOTHER · 29/08/2003 13:04

Fingers crossed Bunyrabbit

wiltshire · 29/08/2003 16:27

Ta girls. Bunny I hope that the next time you post, it's to say you've had a baby.

OP posts:
bunnyrabbit · 29/08/2003 23:18

Unfortunately not!!! I've bought myself a fresh pineapple and intend to eat nothing but pineapple and gaviscom tomorrow!!


rainbow · 30/08/2003 00:13

All 3 of mine slowed down but at different times. DS1 about 1 -2 weeks before, DS2 about 4-5 days before and DS3 only2-3 days before. Fingers crossed Bunny. Go for a jog round the block (well waddle at least), have a hot curry , hot bath or sex. It worked for my mate and she was overdue 10 days. She did do all 4 tho

rainbow · 30/08/2003 00:15

I'll be waiting with anticipation for your posts wiltshire and BunnyI love baby news

Beccaroll · 30/08/2003 10:04

Im 7 days over today and baby as active as ever!

Fingers crossed for me too!

I did the long walk, pineapple and curry last night but no joy!

Eulalia · 30/08/2003 10:25

My dd was kicking really hard while I was in labour with her!

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