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nearly 9 weeks pregnant - flutters!

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Mandymoo · 23/09/2005 17:01

Hi - i'm nearly 9 weeks pregnant with number 2 and today i swear i've felt butterfly like sensations on one side of my stomach (quite high up) - is this normal or am i just going mad?! X

OP posts:
sniff · 23/09/2005 17:07

they say that if you know what to look out for you can feel your baby earlier the second time around

marne · 23/09/2005 17:08

Me 2, im sure i felt baby move at 10 weeks, im 14 weeks and even dh has felt movement when i was led against him.

Mandymoo · 23/09/2005 17:09

thanks guys - 9 weeks just seems so early and its quite high up - it really does feel like a flutterly sensation!

OP posts:
lucykate · 23/09/2005 17:10

i had a flutter at 9 wks with ds, baby no.2 too. very reassuring for me as between dd and ds had 2 miscarriages.

Mandymoo · 23/09/2005 17:12

so it is normal and nothing to worry about then? (because i am worrying about everthing atm!!)

OP posts:
lucykate · 23/09/2005 17:13

its normal and i would say a good sign!

BunnyBoo · 23/09/2005 17:14

Hi mandy, You could well have felt them but i doubt they would have been high up as baby will still be very low down by your pubic bone at the stage of pregnancy, I am pregnant with my 2nd baby and i did feel things earlier this time but not till about 16-17 weeks

Mandymoo · 23/09/2005 17:14

yippee!! Thank you! - is it "worrying" that im only 9 weeks pregnant but am gonna have to start wearing maternity clothes soon cos my bump is so big?!

OP posts:
Mandymoo · 23/09/2005 17:21

bunnyboo - it was defo high up so i dont know what it could have been - and its getting more frequent and prolonged

OP posts:
desperatehousewife · 23/09/2005 17:29

MM, don't worry. I'm on 2nd preg and was in maternity jeans at 6 weeks - couldn't bear anything tight round my middle.

Mandymoo · 23/09/2005 19:43

I'm worried now about these flutters!!!!

OP posts:
BunnyBoo · 23/09/2005 19:45

Oh honestly don't worry maybe it is bubbles ??

BunnyBoo · 23/09/2005 19:45

How high do you mean?

Mandymoo · 23/09/2005 21:09

well, for the last hour its been almost under my boobs!! So i dont really think its baby starting to move!!

OP posts:
MrsSpoon · 23/09/2005 21:10


Mandymoo · 23/09/2005 21:11

god knows - they started off in my belly and now its up by my boobs! - could be anything!

OP posts:
sniff · 26/09/2005 09:18

I have had that feeling all weekend I know its odd but do you think your clothes are a bit tight or uncomfortable and thats why you get the sensation

Toothache · 26/09/2005 09:24

Mandymoo - Its bloody wind woman!!!!!! Thats why its moving up..... rather that than it moving down eh??

Enid · 26/09/2005 09:27

I get this even when I am NOT pg - it is muscle spasms - probably due to strain on them as everything shifts around - sorry not wind or baby unfortuantely!

Toothache · 26/09/2005 09:28

runs back in<

Could be wind though....

dashes out

Enid · 26/09/2005 09:30

its not wind! I asked my gp about it (kept getting it when not pg and feels just like a baby moving around)

believe me I know what wind feels like (sad)

Toothache · 26/09/2005 09:32

Maybe not windy bubbles in your case.... but in MM's case it could be.

runs away from pregnant hormonal women

Enid · 26/09/2005 09:32

yes true

Enid · 26/09/2005 09:32

now piss off

Toothache · 26/09/2005 09:33

Should read:

runs away from pregnant, hormonal, farting women

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